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Apostates are undead priest enemies found in the Undying ShoresFF that revive the souls of slain enemies. They are exclusive to the Fatal Falls DLC.


When the player is not nearby, the Apostate will continuously revive previously killed enemies, as well as "awaken" any Clumsy Swordsmen,FF Dastardly Archers,FF and Compulsive GravediggersFF that are laying inactive on the ground. When the player is on the same platform as the Apostate, but some distance away, it will attempt to protect itself by creating a magic barrier, but will still continue reviving enemies. If the player gets within melee range, the Apostate will attempt to strike them with its lantern.


Revive soul

  • Description: Revives the soul of a slain enemy.
  • Revived enemies have a halo and purple aura and can teleport to the player.

Summon wall

  • Description: Summons a magical wall in front of it.
  • The wall cannot be rolled through, but can be destroyed after a single hit.

Swing lantern

  • Description: Swings its lantern when in close proximity to the player.
  • Can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.


Due to the inherent capabilities of this enemy to revive their fallen comrades, it is generally a good idea to prioritize killing the Apostate as soon as possible, as the longer they are left alive, the longer they have to revive more enemies. If an Apostate dies, the enemies it revived die alongside it.

HOWEVER, if the player is confident in their capabilities, enemies can be endlessly farmed for health via mutations such as What Doesn't Kill Me Mutation IconWhat Doesn't Kill Me, Frenzy Mutation IconFrenzy, Vampirism IconVampirism (not recommended, however, due to the player having a time limit) and other methods. It can also be used to rack up gold via a mix of Get Rich Quick Mutation IconGet Rich Quick and Velocity Mutation IconVelocity, potentially allowing the player to speed through future levels via the Greed Shield IconGreed Shield Legendary affix, Gold Digger IconGold Digger, or make them invincible with Gold Plating Mutation IconGold Plating.


  • Apostates cannot currently be encountered as elite enemies.


  • 2.2: Introduced.

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