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Assist Mode is a new mode to customize the games difficulty added in Version 2.9. It was added alongside new accessibility options. Enabling this mode does not disable Achievements, the acquiring of Boss Stem Cells or perfect kill rewards. It does, however, hide your score from being on the Daily Challenge leaderboard.

Assist mode lets you customize certain game settings to make it more accessible. Dead Cells is a difficult and demanding but easy to play game. We therefore recommend using these options to fit the difficulty to your needs while keeping the game challenging for you.

However, our goal with this mode is to make the game accessible to the broadest audience possible without forcing you to play with arbitrary difficulty settings. Feel free to use whatever option you want! What really matters is that you have fun playing Dead Cells!

Assist Mode[]

Continue Mode[]

Each time you die, you can choose to resurrect from your last save instead of restarting a run.

Saves happen when going trough doors like Biomes entrances and exits or boss cells doors, lore rooms and sub-biomes. Players can choose limited or infinite continues. For limited the choices are 0, 1, 3 or 7.

Auto-Hit Mode[]

You automatically attack nearby enemies with your primary melee weapon.

Destroy doors in Auto-Hit Mode[]

Autimatically attack doors in Auto-Hit Mode.

Easier Parry[]

You have more time to trigger a parry.

Slower traps[]

Mobile traps are slower.

Reveal the map[]

Completely reveal the map of the current level.

Trap damage[]

Option to limit damage done by traps in increments of 20% to a minimum of 20%.

Enemies Health[]

Option to lower health of enemies in increments of 2.5% to a minimum of 20%.

Enemies damage[]

Option to lower the damage done by enemies in increments of 2.5% to a minimum of 20%.

Accessibility Settings[]

These settings add a number of options to customize the look of the game to a players specific need. Various options allow the addition of basic colors to certain elements of which the Hue, Saturation and Value can be adjusted freely.

Enable bright flashes[]

Turns off bright flashes that affect the game sreen (explosions, wounds, etc.). Use this option if these flashes bother you or pose a health risk.

Activate screen shake[]

Deactivate any screen shakes that may pose a risk (explosions, cutscenes, etc...)

Particle limit[]

Limits the amount of particles on screen. Can be adjusted in increments of 10% to a minimum of 10%

No Blood mode[]

Remove all blood splashes and bloodied assets.

Background filter[]

Add a coloured filter to the background so that foreground and interactable objects are clearer. The filter can be adjusted in visibility as well.

Outline options[]

Add colored outlines to various elements in the game.

Hero Outline[]

Add an outline to the hero

Enemies outline[]

Add an outline to the enemies

NPCs outline[]

Add an outline to the NPCs

Active skill outline[]

Add an outline to the player's active skils (Pets and deployables)

Projectiles outline[]

Add an outline to projectiles

Secrets outline[]

Add an outline to secrets

Stats display settings[]

Display stats icons in addition to their color[]

Add icons to each stat in the HUD and items. There is no option to adjust the size of icons seperately but the icon size can be adjusted by using the ""HUD size"" setting in the ""HUD layout settings"" part of the video settings.

Customize Brutality color[]

Change the color of the Brutality stat.

Customize Tactic color[]

Change the color of the Tactic stat.

Customize Survival color[]

Change the color of the Survival stat.

Text settings[]

Various text sizes can be changed.

Object names size[]

Can be changed up to 150%

Object description size[]

Can be changed up to 200%

Dialog size[]

Can be changed up to 200%