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This is where most of the experiments to find a cure... failed.
Some test subjects are still roaming this part of the island. This is why the King ordered the main gate closed.
Experiment number 463 was horrible! Number 464 will blow your mind!
No animals were harmed while researching for a cure against the Malaise, promise.

Astrolab Flag

The Astrolab is a seventh level biome exclusive to the Rise of the Giant DLC. The Astrolab is the main laboratory used by the Alchemist for his experiments with curing the Malaise. It consists of a succession of floating platforms and structures with ladders connecting them, which must be climbed to reach the exit leading to the Observatory.

If the player falls in the gap between platforms, they drop down far below and take fall damage. On the walls of the Astrolab rooms, one can see scientific drawings and schemes alluding to the Alchemist's experiments with the Malaise and cells, as well as plans to brew the Panacea.

General information[]

Access and exit[]

The Astrolab can only be accessed from the Throne Room when playing with 5 BSC active.

In order to reach the exit, the player needs to collect a series of keys by beating Elite enemies. An Elite Failed Experiment and an Elite Slammer drop the Elevator KeyElevator Key and the Allen KeyAllen Key respectively, which can be used to reach a room where two Elite Slammers are waiting. Upon defeating them, they each drop a Guardian's KeyGuardian's Key, which are needed to open the doors to the Observatory.

Level characteristics[]


The Astrolab contains 2 Dual Scrolls.

Enemy tier and gear level scaling[]

In the table below, you will find the gear level and enemy tier of the Astrolab based on difficulty. Even though the Astrolab can only be accessed on Hell difficulty there are enemy tiers set for lower difficulties.

Difficulty Normal Hard Very Hard Expert Nightmare/Hell
Enemy lvl tier 24 - 27 31 - 32 37 - 38 37 - 38 37 - 46
Enemy Health tier Base 31 - 32 37 - 38 46 - 48 46 - 48

Chests and loot[]


  • 1 Weapon/Skill shop
  • 1 Food Shop

Exclusive blueprints[]

Secret area[]


Location of the hidden tower holding the Apex key.


The Apex key, in a tower full of traps and lava.

A hidden tower located under a corridor[1] contains the Apex KeyApex Key behind a series of traps, which can be used to retrieve the blueprint for the Sonic Carbine IconSonic Carbine.

Enemy blueprints[]


The Astrolab is home to three unique enemies: Magistrates of Death, Defenders, and Librarians. In addition to them, the Astrolab is also home to Failed Experiments, Slammers and Bombers.

The table below lists which enemies are present in the Astrolab and which blueprints each may drop.

Defender Thunder Shield
Magistrate of Death Hemorrhage
Bomber Seismic Strike, A Thousand and One Nights Outfit
Slammer Flawless, Tactical Retreat
Failed Experiment Berserker


Crow experiment room[]

A room filled with empty crow cages hanging from the ceiling and a broken vat with a tap and a half filled filled flask standing beneath it. There is a desk with a grimoire of the Alchemist. This room is likely the explanation behind the existence of Slammers.

Research notebook[]

  • "Against all odds, this solution created mutations in the infected crows instead of curing them."
  • "Some subjects managed to escape by breaking the bars of their cage!"
  • "God only knows where they are now... I hope their condition has stabilized now."


When examined the Beheaded notes:

  • "Another failed cure..."
  • "How many crows drank this solution?"


When examined the Beheaded notes:

  • "All these broken cages..."
  • "Those crows give me the creeps!"

Moonlit lab[]

A large room which is half-occupied by a laboratory setup containing a grimoire and various notes on the wall. The other half features a large body suspended in an incubator in front of an even larger arched window.

Alchemist grimoire[]

The Alchemist leaves the following on his research notebook:

  • "I hope looking at the stars will allow me to greatly advance my research..."
  • "Bodies always act different during a full moon."

Notes on the wall[]

When examined the Beheaded notes:

  • "Some weird sketches... Planets, stars, constellations."
  • "The Alchemist really went down every path to find a cure."

The Beheaded then nods repeatedly and offers a thumbs up before exclaiming:

  • "How selfless of him!"

Cell vat[]

When examined the Beheaded notes:

  • "The body bathes in moonlight..."
  • "... It does feel good, this light, when the moonlight is reflected off wisps of fog."


  • Although not through normal gameplay, it would be possible to access the Astrolab in any difficulty: the level is present in the .json files for all the difficulties.



  • 1.2: Introduced.
  • 1.9: Shops changed from 2 random ones to a guaranteed food shop and a random gear shop.
  • 2.0: Added 60-kill door.