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The Banished are enemies that only appear in the Morass of the Banished.TBS They are exclusive to the Bad Seed DLC.


The Banished always spawn in pairs. Most of the time, they will be hiding in the ceiling and drop down and ambush the player when one is between them. At close range, it will do a melee range stab or charge at the player if they are further away.


Spear charge

  • Description: Yells and charges forward with its spear, dealing damage on contact.
  • Can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.
  • Stops once they hit something (player, deployables, etc.)



Spear stab

  • Description: Thrusts forward with the spear.
  • Can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.




What makes the Banished challenging are that they will wait on the ceiling to ambush the player and they always come in pairs. While one charging Banished may be easy to dodge, having both charge at the player from both directions can make dodging tricky and parrying not viable. The hitbox on their charge attack lasts a fairly long time and aren't stopped by walls, making encounters in small areas more dangerous.

Prevent the Banished's ambushing by watching the ceiling. It will be better able to dodge them if one can see them coming. Once they drop down, dash towards one of them and roll behind or jump over their charge attack, giving one time and space to dodge the other. Better yet, retreat to a different platform they are about to charge. Should one be caught in the middle with no room to escape, it is possible to try jumping over both of them at the center distance between them.


  • The Banished are still vulnerable to attacks while clinging to the ceiling.
  • If the player roots a Banished while they are charging, they may sometimes continue to charge in place with the hitbox still lingering.


  • 1.7: Introduced.

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