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The Blueprint Extractor is a unique, power skill which is produced when the Hunter's Grenade is successfully activated. It is only usable on the targeted Elite enemy when its health is below 40%.


  • Special Effects:
    • Activating the Blueprint Extractor in range of the enemy roots the player in place and channels a beam for 1.3 seconds. If the channeling succeeds, it kills the enemy and forces one of its blueprints to drop, then the Blueprint Extractor disappears.
      • Attempting to use it when the enemy's HP is still at higher levels will cause the game to say "Too much HP!".
      • Attempting to use it when the enemy is too far away will cause the game to say "Too far away!".
    • A message appears onscreen when the enemy drops below 40% health, so wait to use the Extractor until you see it. Taking damage interrupts the channeling, so it is recommended to use skills that stun, freeze, or slow down enemies, or make the player invincible.
    • If the enemy dies before the Blueprint Extractor is used, it will despawn, and another Hunter's Grenade will drop.
  • Tags: NoDamage, NoQualityUpgrade


  • Although the Blueprint Extractor will scale to a certain stat and have affixes, they are meaningless as it does not inflict damage.
  • Elites spawned by the Hunter's Grenade will count towards the "Not so Tough" achievement when defeated with the Blueprint Extractor.
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