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"No one comes here anymore but monsters or whip-wielding outcasts

The Castle's Outskirts is a second level biome exclusive to the Return to Castlevania DLC.

In a land shrouded in night, Dracula's castle stands, ready to devour any intruders...if they somehow make it past the hordes guarding the perimeter.

General information[]

Access and exit[]

The Castle's Outskirts are accessible by an exit located in the Prisoner's Quarters, down a set of stairs with no enemies or traps. The first time this path is accessed, the Beheaded will encounter Richter Belmont, who requests his assistance in defeating Dracula.

There is only one exit from the Outskirts, which leads to Dracula's Castle.

Level characteristics[]


Enemy tier and gear level scaling[]

Loot and Shops[]

Main level[]

Boss Stem Cell rewards[]

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Alucard's Coffin[]

Upon entering this biome, there will be a secret room past the elevator containing a coffin, which opens to reveal Alucard. Alucard will be confused as to who the Beheaded is, but accepts his aid in defeating his father Dracula and will bid him to use the elevator to reach the castle.

There is another secret room past the coffin containing a giant shield. Interacting with it yields Alucard's Shield to the Beheaded, unlocking it for future runs.

Once Alucard is awoken and the shield is acquired, this room will no longer spawn in future runs.

Maria's Prison[]

Upon entering this biome, a cat may be seen jumping around the level. Capturing it by interacting with it will give the Ribboned Key that can be used to unlock a room where Maria Renard is kept prisoner. After thanking the Beheaded for freeing her (and dissing Richter for not being her savior), she will drop the Maria Renard Outfit blueprint. The cat can be pet, granting the Maria's Cat item and unlocking it for future runs.

After the outfit blueprint and Maria's Cat have been acquired, this room, the cat, and the Ribboned Key will no longer spawn in future runs.

Wrecked Carriage[]

At the top of the elevator, opposite to the path to Dracula's Castle, the flaming wreckage of a carriage can be found. Turns out a certain someone (Richter) might not know how to break into fortresses of evil with subtlety...