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This article contains spoilers regarding the true ending of the game. Discretion is advised.

The Collector's Syringe is a melee power skill which unleashes a whirlwind around the player which rapidly damages enemies in contact with it, and can be activated multiple times while active to spend cells to further increase its power. This item is exclusive to the Rise of the Giant DLC.


  • Special Effects:
    • Greatly increases movement speed and jump height, as well as giving a resistance to stun when falling from a great distance.
    • The Syringe can be reactived up to 5 times to increase damage and duration:
      • 1st use - 0 Cell cost - Increases DPS to 80 and adds 5 seconds.
      • 2nd use - 1 cell cost - Increases DPS to 120 and adds 5 seconds.
      • 3rd use - 2 cells cost - Increases DPS to 160 and adds 5 seconds.
      • 4th use - 3 cells cost - Increases DPS to 200 and adds 5 seconds.
      • 5th use - 4 cells cost - Increases DPS to 240 and adds 5 seconds.
      • Additional uses - 5 cells cost - Increases duration by 5 seconds per use.
  • Tags: InstantBlueprint, HasDuration, NeedUnlockToDropAsLegendary, DontDropInDailies
  • Legendary Version: Cell Membrane
  • Forced Affix: Global Shield on Use
    • "Generates a shield when used."


  • This skill is considered melee attack, and so can trigger relevant Mutations.
  • The Syringe has no duration cap, allowing for indefinite uses given the player has enough cells.
  • Performing any action other than moving, jumping, ground slamming or picking up items will cancel the skill and begin cooldown.
  • Similar to the Lacerating Aura, it is possible to use two Collector's Syringes at the same time, but only one of them would do damage.
  • Being one of the last items players unlock in the game, it is exceptionally powerful - It is one of the fastest-ticking items in the game, and therefore it can kill or breach enemies very easily.
    • It also works well with builds that have limited vertical reach against aerial threats such as Bomber, Kamikaze or Bat.


  • Because the blueprint for this item is only dropped by the Collector, it is technically an item exclusive to the Rise of the Giant DLC, even though it was added to the game in v1.4.
  • Prior to v1.4.8, the Collector's Syringe used to be obtainable as a legendary drop without having it unlocked.
  • The Collector's Syringe mimics the spin attack from the Collector.


  • 1.2: Introduced
  • 1.9:
    • Rally effect has been removed.
    • No longer activates cooldown reduction mutations.
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