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The following list is of the default controls in Dead Cells. Controls can be rebound in the settings.

It is recommended to play with a controller, but this is merely a suggestion and the game works perfectly fine with a mouse and keyboard as well.

Controller controls[]

Action Xbox Playstation Switch
Primary weapon
X button
Square Button PS
Y Button Switch
Secondary weapon
Y button
Triangle Button PS
X Button Switch
Left skill
LT button
L1 Button PS
ZL Button Switch
Right skill
RT button
R1 Button PS
ZR Button Switch
Lb button
L2 Button PS
L Button Switch
Use/Interact/Empty Backpack(if held down)
Rb button
R2 Button PS
R Button Switch
Leave/get back in body
R3 button
Rstick Press Switch
Start button
Options Button PS
+ Button Switch
View map
Select button
Share Button PS
Touchpad Button PS
- Button Switch

Non-Rebindable Controls[]

Action Xbox Playstation Switch
A button
Cross Button PS
A Button Switch
B button
Circle Button PS
B Button Switch
Move left
Lstick Left Xbox
Lstick Left PS
Dpad Left PS
Lstick Left Switch
Dpad Left Switch
Move Right
Lstick Right Xbox
Lstick Right PS
Dpad Right PS
Lstick Right Switch
Dpad Right Switch
Lstick Down Xbox
Lstick Down PS
Dpad Down PS
Lstick Down Switch
Dpad Down Switch
Drop down floor (Down smash in air) Lstick Down Xbox A button Lstick Down PS / Dpad Down PS
Cross Button PS
Lstick Down Switch / Dpad Down Switch
B Button Switch
Camera Right joystick
Rstick PS
Right joystick

Keyboard / Mouse controls[]

Action Keybind 1 Keybind 2 Keybind 3
Up W button Up button
Down S button Down button
Left A button keyboard Left button
Right D button Right button
Jump Space button W button Up button
Roll Shift button Ctrl button
Main Weapon Leftmouse button 1 button
Secondary Weapon Rightmouse button 2 button
Left Trigger Skill Q button Left Side Mouse Button Icon 3 button
Right Trigger Skill E button Right Side Mouse Button Icon 4 button
Use/Interact/Empty Backpack(if held down) R button
Heal F button H button Middlemouse button
Pause Esc button T
Map Tab button

Non-Rebindable Controls[]

Action Keybind
Special Action 1
Special Action 2
Shift Right One Filter Page Down (labeled Next Page)
Shift Left One Filter Page Up (labeled Previous Page)

Advanced Maneuvers[]

Down + Jump: Drop through platforms (if standing on a platform), jump attack (if in mid-air and not too close to the ground)

Jump + Roll: Mid-air roll

Up or Down: While on a chain or vine, climb up or down

Special Action 1: Swap weapons (in pause menu), Change sort order (in the Collector's interface)

Special Action 2: Swap skills (in pause menu), Toggle visibility of unavailable items (in the Collector's interface)

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