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The Daily Challenge is an unlockable mode in Dead Cells, available after collecting the Challenger Rune from The Concierge. This is a competitive mode, featuring a different map every day. The goal is to collect the most points possible while defeating the boss within the time limit.

Points are collected through doing a variety of different things, such as killing enemies and unlocking chests. It is also important for the player to collect better gear and stat upgrades, not just to defeat the boss, but to optimize the amount of points you can collect. At the end of the run, regardless of whether or not you beat the boss, your final score will be put on the leaderboards. If Assist Mode is enabled, your final score will not be put on the leaderboards.

The Daily Challenge is refreshed each day at midnight, UTC+1.


The Daily Challenge also offers blueprint rewards based on the player's cumulative total of completed runs in the mode. The first time the player completes the Daily Challenge, they receive the Swift Sword blueprint, on their fifth completion they receive the Lacerating Aura blueprint, and on their tenth completion they receive the Meat Skewer blueprint; once picked up, these blueprints are automatically turned in to the Collector. Only one completion per day counts toward unlocking the five-completion and ten-completion rewards. Furthermore, players are NOT required to complete the Daily Challenge on consecutive days to gain credit toward those rewards.



The Daily Challenge uses a different biome every day. The biomes that can be used are Prisoners' Quarters, Prison Depths, Ossuary, Toxic Sewers, Ancient Sewers, Slumbering Sanctuary and High Peak Castle.


All of the Daily Challenge maps use a similar style, containing multiple paths and branches leading to areas of interest, such as elite monsters, chests, or the boss room. The boss room always contains a boss fight against the Concierge. The biome the Daily Challenge takes place in varies every day.

Gear and Stats[]

Gear can be found throughout the map in the Daily Challenge. Gear can be found from chests, in certain areas, or on a pedestal containing two pieces of gear. You may only take one of the two pieces of gear on a pedestal. Stat upgrades can also be found in form of Epic Scrolls of Power, which increase all 3 of your stats at once. Gear and Epic Scrolls of Power can also be found in Cursed Chests. Lifting a curse in Daily Runs rewards 25 points. Using a save slot that has completed the game on the hardest difficulty will change the type of gear found throughout the map. The gear will be different but can still be found in the same locations. Additionally, hidden wall runes will be found in different locations

Enemy tier and gear level scaling[]

In the table below, you will find the gear level and enemy tier of the timed challenges. All biomes have the same enemy tiers and gear level.

Difficulty Normal
Gear level II
Enemy lvl tier 2 - 4
Enemy Health tier 0

Bonus Point Stars[]

Bonus Point Star

Bonus Point Stars will always be scattered around the map. They give a 5-point bonus for each enemy killed while in effect (15 seconds). Finding and using these stars is key to getting a high scores in the Daily Runs. Note that the Bonus Point Stars can stack, e.g. getting a second one while the first one is still active will make all enemies grant a +10 points bonus.


A weaker version of the Concierge is always found in the boss room. Its health is lowered, and it uses none of its defensive abilities. Defeating the boss will complete the run.

Time Limit[]

You have 4 minutes and 30 seconds to spend in the Daily Challenge. If you die or fail to defeat the boss before the timer ends, the run will end and your current score will be submitted to the leaderboards.


  • All enemies give a certain number of points when killed. If that enemy is an elite, it will give 5x points of the normal version.
  • Killing an enemy while a Bonus Point Star is active will reward 5 extra points. Bonus Point Stars can stack.
  • Chests give 20 points.
  • Cursed chests give 5 points for opening and 25 points upon curse removal. (This is currently bugged as of v27 where removing the curse does not grant points despite the message still appearing)
  • Finding a hidden wall rune gives 20 points.
  • Gems give 50 points (Ruby), 25 points (Amethyst) or 10 points (Malachite).
    • Rarely, a Philosopher's Stone can be found and will be worth 75 000 points.
Enemy Points Rewarded Points for Elite
Kamikaze 2 N/A
Festering Zombie 2 10
Zombie 2 10
Caster 3 15
Dark Tracker 3 15
Disgusting Worm 3 15
Grenadier 3 15
Inquisitor 3 15
Lancer 3 15
Swarm Zombie 3 15
Scorpion 3 15
Shocker 3 N/A
Undead Archer 3 15
Lacerator 5 25
Masker 5 N/A
Protector 5 N/A
Thorny 5 25
Catcher 6 30
Guardian Knight 6 N/A
Shieldbearer 6 30
Slasher 6 30
Impaler 6 N/A
Golem 10 50
Hammer 10 50
Spawner 12 N/A
The Concierge 270 (20+250) N/A
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