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Demolishers are enemies armed with a crossbow, that functions as a stronger, more difficult version of Undead Archers. They are only found in the Derelict Distillery and on higher difficulties.


At range, the Demolisher fires explosive bolts, alternating between single shots and double shots as its first and second attacks.

When the player is in close proximity, the Demolisher will swing its crossbow at the player.

All of its attacks, including its melee attack, create explosions.


Fire crossbow

  • Description: The Demolisher fires explosive bolts from its crossbow, alternating between 1 bolt and 2 bolts.
  • The bolts will explode upon contact with terrain, or the player, and will eventually drop and hit the ground after a long distance.
  • The attack can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.
    • The single-bolt shot can be dodged by crouching under it.




  • Description: The Demolisher slams its crossbow into the ground towards the player, creating an explosion.
  • Can be dodge rolled, parried, and blocked.




  • Both the bolt and the explosion itself are counted as an attack. Therefore, if the bolt was parried with a shield, it will still detonate and the game displays "Parried!" twice.
    • Because of this, Ice Armor cannot block this bolt.
  • Their weapon strongly resembles the Explosive Crossbow's in-game sprite, albeit slightly larger.
    • The attacks are also nearly identical to that of the aforementioned weapon's abilities.


  • The concept for this enemy was originally created by a discord user known as Leylite.
  • Due to a bug, the Demolisher does not have a Scribe icon on Console.
  • The Demolisher is referred to as "CrossbowMan" in the code.


  • 2.1: Introduced.
  • 2.2: No longer spawns in the Derelict Distillery on 0 BSC.
  • 2.3: Once again spawns in the Derelict Distillery on 0 BSC.
    • Can no longer spawn with the "cage" elite skill.

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