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This page is intended as a history of the making of Dead Cells, as well as a page to see the contributions of the different developers. It is currently a stub, but feel free to help.


The game was coded using Haxe, game’s informations (outfits, biome difficulties, mobs...) are in .json files.

The game uses Heaps engine.


Carduus was responsible for the design of the Beheaded and all enemies in the game, as well as certain NPCs such as Spider Lady He designed the animations, special effects and backgrounds of the game on his own for a year, until Gwen joined the art team.

Gwen was mainly responsible for backgrounds, level design and NPCs such as the merchants and the blacksmiths and the unnamed Ghost of the challenge rifts. He also designed the chests and the Tutorial Knight. The idea behind the design of some of the NPCs, notably the merchants, was to mix goblins and chameleons.

Both Gwen and Carduus were involved in drawing marketing and promotional material.

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