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The Emergency Door is a deployable skill which deploys a ghostly purple door. It is similar to the regular wooden door behavior-wise.


  • Special Effects:
    • Spawns a door in front of the player, which acts like any other wooden door.
      • Stuns enemies on the other side when destroyed.
  • Tags: Deployable, NegligibleDamage, Explosive


The blueprint for the Emergency Door is located in the Slumbering Sanctuary, in a lore room.

The room does not always spawn, so it may require multiple runs to find. It stops spawning after the blueprint is turned in to The Collector.

Once in the room, a sign will ask you to prove if you are worthy (for an obscure task).

The entire passage is riddled with huge quantities of doors. The player must then reach the other end of the room without breaking any of the doors present (Doors outside of this room don't count). After reaching the end, there will be another sign. If done correctly, interacting the sign will cause it to say "You have proven your worth." The game will then spawn the blueprint for the skill.

If the player breaks any of the doors, the sign at the end will read, “You are not worthy” and not drop the blueprint. The character will also give the middle finger to the sign if it reads “You are not worthy” and thumbs up if it reads “You have proved your worth”.


  • Destroying an Emergency Door with the Crowbar Icon.png Crowbar will trigger its critical hit condition.
  • Enemies against the door take critical hits from the Impaler (Weapon) Icon.png Impaler.
  • Since it can be deployed in places where doors would normally be absent, certain enemies may be confused by the door and won't react to it.
  • It also synergizes with items and mutations which have interactions with movement impairment, like the Nutcracker Icon.png Nutcracker and Heart of Ice Mutation Icon.png Heart of Ice.


  • Emergency door may be a reference to a popular children anime, Doraemon, specifically the gadget Anywhere Door.
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