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Monsters are entities that oppose the player as they navigate the island. Different enemies will appear in different biomes, and the enemies within that biome will be different depending on the current difficulty.

While Bosses always have the same stats, enemy stats differ depending on the level of the biome where they appear.

Enemies can drop useful things on death: gold, cells, blueprints, or (rarely) a pickup or item.

For a complete list of enemies containing the 11 Return To Castlevania DLC enemies you can check the official wiki.

Elite enemies[]

Some enemies appear as Elite variants, which are much tougher and slightly larger than normal. At all times, a "name tag" hovers over the enemy marking them as Elite, and an aura surrounds them. Once an Elite enemy attacks the player, the name of the enemy type is briefly shown on screen.

Elite enemies spawn randomly, or they can be summoned by walking close enough to an Elite obelisk. Wandering Elites can be found mired in a disgusting substance until the player gets close, and then they free themselves and attack. Same goes if they are provoked by Biters or the Homunculus Rune.

Certain areas hold an Elite enemy that drops a Rune. These Elites don't respawn on future runs after the Rune has been collected.

3 rooms in High Peak Castle always have Elites that will drop a key. These key-dropping Elites are always the same.

Killing Elite enemies drops Gear with a level 2 levels higher than normal for the current zone — usually Amulets. They also have a 6% chance of dropping a legendary item, which is separated from amulet drop rate, meaning that one Elite can drop both an amulet and a legendary item.

Special abilities[]

In addition to higher attack, speed and health, Elite enemies highly resist controlling status effects such as stun and freeze, shortening their duration by 20%.

When an Elite enemy is damaged for the first time or its health goes below 50%, time slows down for a moment and the player is knocked away from the Elite. When an Elite is under 50% health, they also gain the ability to teleport near the player if the player is not within range of their attacks.

The v1.1 Pimp My Run Update introduced special abilities for Elites.

  • Invisibility: the Elite cannot be seen, but but their attack prompt will still appear to give the player time to react.
  • Clone: the Elite summons a clone of himself. Both Elites have 55% of their usual HP.
    • Effectively, unless the player can hit both at once they will have 110% of their normal HP combined.
    • Killing one Elite will drop cells usually, and the second one drops the item/s
  • Rotating laser which surrounds the Elite.
  • Horizontal laser on ground level that periodically activates and damages the player on both sides of the Elite.
  • Red spherical aura, similar to Shockers, the Concierge, or Conjunctivius.
  • Horizontal laser that slowly ascends, bumping the player upwards if they get caught in it.
  • Force field maintained by two crystals on either side of the Elite. The Elite cannot take any damage until the crystals are destroyed, and the crystals respawn after 6 seconds. Elites equipped with this ability will not teleport after the player.
  • Crystal that hovers above the Elite, which shoots a rapid volley of projectiles at the player.
  • Electric cage that surrounds the Elite, hurting the player if they try to get out of it.

Starred enemies[]

These enemies have a yellow star icon above their head, and appear differently on the map. When defeated, they either drop a random type of Scroll or a legendary item. They can also drop Philosopher's stone, but this is extremely rare. Otherwise, they function identically to normal enemies.

  • If they are carrying a scroll, that scroll counts as one of the constant scrolls in the biome it was found in.

List of enemies[]

Image Name Zones Offensive abilities Defensive abilities Elite? Blueprint drops
Zombie Prisoners' Quarters, Ancient Sewers (0–3 BSC)

Promenade of the Condemned, Corrupted Prison (0–1 BSC)

Toxic Sewers, Prison Depths, Ramparts, Ossuary, Stilt Village, Slumbering Sanctuary, Dilapidated Arboretum, Fractured Shrines (0–2 BSC)

Throne Room (summoned by the Hand of the King)

Spawned by Treasure Chests occasionally

• Clawing attack

• Leaping attack which deals massive damage

Hops backwards Yes Blood Sword (100%)

Double Crossb-o-matic (0.4%)

Bobby Outfit (1+ BSC; 0.4%)

Undead Archer
Undead Archer Prisoners' Quarters, Toxic Sewers, Prison Depths, Ramparts, High Peak Castle (0 BSC)

Clock Tower, Fractured Shrines (0-3 BSC)

Promenade of the Condemned (Elite Guardian only)

Throne Room (summoned by the Hand of the King)

Observatory (summoned by the boss)

Arrow, which can be ducked under • Backwards dash

• Teleports forwards (only happens if its back is to a wall)

Yes Infantry Bow (1.7%)

Ice Bow (0.4%)

Bow and Endless Quiver (0.03%)

Skeleton Outfit (0.4%)

Shieldbearer Ancient Sewers

Prisoners' Quarters, Ramparts (0-1 BSC)

Derelict Distillery (0-2 BSC)

Shield charge Immune to attacks from the front, unless stunned Yes Rampart (0.4%)

Bloodthirsty Shield (0.4%)

Ice Shield (10%)

Desert Dweller Outfit (4+ BSC; 0.4%)

Grenadier Undying Shores

Prisoners' Quarters, Ossuary, Slumbering Sanctuary, Fractured Shrines (0-1 BSC)Promenade of the Condemned, Corrupted Prison (0-2 BSC)

Toxic Sewers (1-3 BSC)

Throne Room (summoned by the Hand of the King)

Observatory (summoned by the boss)

Grenade which goes through walls and explodes after a short delay Short backwards hop Yes Fire Grenade (1.7%)

Magnetic Grenade (0.4%)

Bombardier Clock Tower, High Peak Castle, Infested Shipwreck

Slumbering Sanctuary, Fractured Shrines (2+ BSC)

Promenade of the Condemned (3+ BSC)

Ossuary (4+ BSC)

Grenade which travels through walls, and explodes into three smaller grenades, which just explode Backwards hop Yes Wave of Denial (0.4%)

Powerful Grenade (10%)

Aphrodite Outfit (3+ BSC; 0.4%)

Bat Promenade of the Condemned

Graveyard (0-1 BSC)

Undying Shores (0-2 BSC)

Dilapidated Arboretum (0-3 BSC)

Charge attack Flies No Knife Dance (0.4%)

Oiled Sword (1.7%)

Kamikaze Toxic Sewers, Ancient Sewers, Prison Depths, Stilt Village, Slumbering Sanctuary, Graveyard, Forgotten Sepulcher, Derelict Distillery, Infested Shipwreck

Promenade of the Condemned (1+ BSC)

Self-detonates Flies No Frantic Sword (0.4%)

Kamikaze Outfit (1.7%)

Neon Outfit (1+ BSC; 0.4%)

Runner Promenade of the Condemned

Undying Shores (After visiting Promenade of the Condemned)

Observatory (summoned by the boss)

• Clawing attack

• Teleports after you

N/A Yes Spartan Sandals (100%)

Cleaver (1.7%)

Phaser (0.4%)

Inquisitor Ramparts, Slumbering Sanctuary, Graveyard, Forgotten Sepulcher, Fractured Shrines

Ossuary (1+ BSC)

Prisoners' Quarters (2+ BSC)

Corrupted Prison (3+ BSC)

Throne Room (summoned by the Hand of the King)

A magic bolt that travels through walls Short backwards hop Yes Lightning Bolt (1.7%)

Vampirism (0.4%)

Mage Outfit (2+ BSC; 0.4%)

Protector Promenade of the Condemned, Slumbering Sanctuary

Corrupted Prison (1+ BSC)

N/A Makes nearby enemies invincible for several

seconds (has a brief cooldown)

No Corrupted Power (0.4%)

Explosive Decoy (0.4%)

Warrior Outfit (3+ BSC; 0.4%)

Hammer Prison Depths

Derelict Distillery (2+ BSC)

• Pound attack: releases 4 bombs, which explode after a moment

• Summons Sewer Flies

N/A Yes War Spear (10%)

Oil Grenade (10%)

Sweeper Ramparts Releases a flaming shockwave after short charge Rolls backwards from the player when close Yes Scheme (10%)
Buzzcutter Ramparts

Toxic Sewers (2+ BSC)

Undying Shores (After visiting Ramparts)

Dilapidated Arboretum (4+ BSC)

Slash attack Flies away No Spite Sword (0.03%)

Frostbite (10%)

Corpse Fly
Corpse Fly Spawned by Swarm Zombie • Melee attack (after host dies)

• Connects themselves with damaging electricity arcs when host is alive

Flies away No N/A
Sewer Fly
Sewer Fly Spawned by Hammer

Spawned by Treasure Chests occasionally

Slash attack Flies away No N/A
Festering Zombie
Festering Zombie Ancient Sewers, Stilt Village

Toxic Sewers (4+ BSC)

Undying Shores (After visiting Stilt Village)

• Claw attack

• Throws an egg which hatches into a Corpse Worm

N/A Yes Force Shield (0.4%)

Fisherman's Outfit (1+ BSC; 0.4%)

Swarm Zombie
Swarm Zombie Graveyard • Claw attack

• Rush attack towards the player

• Spawns 6 Corpse Flies around themselves

N/A Yes Shovel (0.4%)

Tombstone (1.7%)

Corrosive Cloud (0.4%)

Networking (10%)

Disgusting Worm
Disgusting Worm Toxic Sewers, Ancient Sewers

Undying Shores (After visiting Ancient Sewers)

Throne Room (summoned by the Hand of the King)

• Bite attack

• Upon death, releases 6 bombs, which explode in rapid succession

• Can jump horizontally across small gaps

N/A Yes What Doesn't Kill Me (100%)

Swarm (0.4%)

Valmont's Whip (0.4%)

Corpse Worm
Corpse Worm Spawned by Festering Zombie • Bite attack

• Follows you by teleporting

Jumps behind the player No N/A
Weaver Worm
Weaver Worm Morass of the Banished, Stilt Village • Very fast bite attack

• Follows you by teleporting

Jumps behind the player No N/A
Scorpion Toxic Sewers

Throne Room (summoned by the Hand of the King)

• Ambush (Emerges from the ground)

• Poison tail attack

• Poison dart, which can be ducked under

N/A Yes Rapier (0.4%)

Donatello Outfit (2+ BSC; 0.4%)

Impaler (Enemy)
Impaler Ancient Sewers

Dilapidated Arboretum (1+ BSC)

Creates an area of spikes underneath you N/A No Sadist's Stiletto


Sewer's Tentacle
Sewer's Tentacle Ancient Sewers • Pops out of the ground directly beneath the player

• Sweeps across the ground from either left or right side

• Stays below ground when not attacking

• Cannot traverse onto platforms

No N/A
Catcher Graveyard

Fractured Shrines (4+ BSC)

Undying Shores (After visiting Graveyard)

• Stunning hookshot which pulls you closer (can be ducked)

• Immediately follows with a highly damaging blow with a small window to dodge

• Fast kick with high knockback

N/A Yes Grappling Hook (0.4%)

Knockback Shield (0.4%)

Robin Hood Outfit (4+ BSC; 0.4%)

Cleaver (Enemy)
Cleaver Forgotten Sepulcher, Morass of the Banished

Throne Room (summoned by the Hand of the King)

Observatory (summoned by the boss)

Throws a spinning axe, which returns after traveling a moderate distance N/A Yes Death Orb (10%)

Spiked Shield (100%)

Pirate Captain
Pirate Captain Stilt Village

Infected Shipwreck (3+ BSC)

• Slams down the cannon multiple times extremely quickly

• Shoots a rolling cannonball which explodes after a few seconds or on contact with player

N/A Yes Wrenching Whip (0.4%)

Heart of Ice (10%)

Scavenged BombardTQatS (1.7%)

Knife Thrower
Knife Thrower Prisoners' Quarters (1 BSC)

Prison Depths, Forgotten Sepulcher, Undying Shores (1+ BSC)

High Peak Castle (1-3 BSC)

Tosses three daggers in a row which inflict poison. • Dashes away from the player

• Teleports forwards (only happens if its back is to the wall) • Invisible while not attacking

Yes Great Owl of War (1+ BSC; 1.7%)

Legendary Warrior's Outfit (3+ BSC; 0.4%)

Slasher Prison Depths, Ossuary, Morass of the Banished, Fractured Shrines

Graveyard, Ramparts (2+ BSC)

Undying Shores (After visiting Prison Depths)

Toxic Sewers (Elite Guardian only)

High Peak Castle (Elite in blue area)

Throne Room (summoned by the Hand of the King)

• Teleports horizontally toward you

• Combo of 3 stunning sword swipes with a large range; the third slash creates a shockwave which travels along the ground

N/A Yes Cluster Grenade (1.7%)

No Mercy (1.7%)

Heavy Turret (0.4%)

Demon Outfit (3+ BSC, 0.4%)

Lacerator Prison Depths, Derelict Distillery

Graveyard (1-3 BSC)

Slumbering Sanctuary (3+ BSC)

Throne Room (summoned by the Hand of the King)

Spins towards you. Can quickly change direction to catch you if you roll through it. N/A Yes Crusher (10%)

Open Wounds (0.4%)

Carduus Outfit (1+ BSC; 0.4%)

Shocker Ossuary

Corrupted Prison, Forgotten Sepulcher (0 BSC)

Fractured Shrines (1+ BSC)

A large area of effect which does damage over time and interrupts your actions N/A No Flamethrower Turret (0.4%)

Cloud Outfit (3+ BSC; 0.4%)

Thorny Dilapidated Arboretum, Ossuary

High Peak Castle (Elite in green area)

Winds up before rolling towards you • Forward jump over you

• Short backwards hop

• Damages you if hit in the back with a melee weapon

Yes Spiked Boots (0.4%)

Barnacle (1.7%) Armadillopack (1.7%)

Spawner Ossuary, Derelict Distillery

Undying Shores (After visiting Ossuary)

Spawns a Corpse Juice if there are less than 3 nearby. This drains its health slightly, but it will not die to self-inflicted damage. N/A No Torch (1.7%)
Corpse Juice
Corpse Juice Spawned by Spawners Stab attack N/A No N/A
Masker Prison Depths, Slumbering Sanctuary, Graveyard

Morass of the Banished (4+ BSC)

N/A Creates a fog which turns other enemies invisible No Fire Blast (1.7%)

Ghost Outfit (2+ BSC; 0.4%)

Caster Slumbering Sanctuary Shoots a high-speed orb. Teleports away if you get too close Yes Pyrotechnics


Golem Slumbering Sanctuary • Punches towards you

• Teleports you next to him if you retreat

• Earth shockwave that inflicts long-lasting stun

N/A Yes Wings of the Crow (10%)
Dark Tracker
Dark Tracker Clock Tower, Forgotten Sepulcher

Morass of the Banished (1-2 BSC)

Promenade of the Condemned (2-3 BSC)

Ossuary (3+ BSC)

High Peak Castle (Elite in red area)

Dagger swing that deals critical damage if it hits your back Teleports behind you Yes Repeater Crossbow (0.4%)

Hayabusa Boots (1+ BSC; 1.7%)

Ninja Outfit (2+ BSC; 0.4%)

Cannibal Clock Tower

Graveyard (4+ BSC)

• With enough space, hops backwards, hops towards you, then does a combo of 3 sword slashes.

• If it misses its first attack, it can stop the combo.

Hops backwards, leaving a grenade behind Yes Hokuto's Bow


Dictator Outfit (4+ BSC; 0.4%)

Automaton Clock Tower Dashes up to two times across the platform Invisible until in range

Teleports away from the player after attacking

No Predator (10%)
Lancer High Peak Castle

Observatory (summoned by the boss)

Attacks through walls and platforms: 1 stab if attacking vertically, several stabs if attacking horizontally. N/A Yes Hayabusa Gauntlets (0.4%)

Dead Inside (4+ BSC; 1.7%)

Guardian Knight
Guardian Knight High Peak Castle • Charges up, and after a few seconds unleashes a whirlwind that sucks you and other enemies in

• An overhead swing with very high damage

Deflects arrows during whirlwind No Tornado


Soldier's Resistance (10%)

Royal Guard
Royal Guard High Peak Castle • Projects a shield and charges towards the player

• Jumps and stomps near the player, releasing shockwave on impact

Jumps away from the player when close

Protected by a shield that deflects ranged attacks when charging

Yes Initiative (10%)
Bomber Ossuary (2-3 BSC)

Fractured Shrines (3+ BSC)


• An unparryable dive attack when above the player

• Throws a grenade when far from the player

• A sword attack when near

Flies above the player Yes Seismic Strike (2+ BSC; 0.4%)

A Thousand and One Nights Outfit (3+ BSC; 0.4%)

Slammer Corrupted Prison, Cavern

Undying Shores (2+ BSC)


• An unparryable AoE slam attack when in range

• Jumps between platforms and towards the player

Immune to stuns Yes Flawless (0.4%)

Tactical Retreat (10%)

Demon Cavern

Slumbering Sanctuary, High Peak Castle (4+ BSC)

• A claw attack when next to the player

• A volley of two projectiles when at range

Flies Yes Shrapnel Axes (0.4%)

Drifter Outfit (2+ BSC; 0.4%)

ArbiterRotG Cavern

Observatory (summoned by the boss)

Fires 5 wall-piercing projectiles in a spread from all 3 of its hands Spawns a bomb on death which fires projectiles in 6 directions Yes Magic MissilesRotG (0.4%)

Shaman OutfitRotG (4+ BSC; 0.4%)

Ground Shaker
Ground ShakerRotG Cavern • Shakes debris loose from ceilings

• A combo of 3 melee attacks followed by a long-windup AoE slam

• Back is impervious to non-whip attacks

• Immune to stuns

Yes The Boy's AxeRotG (1.7%)

Ice ArmorRotG (100%)

ToothpickRotG (10%)

SkeletonRotG Cavern Repeatedly jumps and stomps the ground after charging, creating flaming shockwaves on each impact • Jumps away from the player when close

• Immune to stuns

No Flying Alcoholic OutfitRotG (100%)
Rampager Prisoners' Quarters, Toxic Sewers, Dilapidated Arboretum, Prison Depths, Ramparts, Morass of the Banished, Stilt Village, Slumbering Sanctuary, High Peak Castle, Undying Shores, Infested Shipwreck (3+ BSC) • Rushes in to instantly attack once you're close enough, doing attack combo for a bit

• Leaps across map towards the player

N/A Yes Adrenaline (3+ BSC; 1.7%)
Failed Experiment
Failed Experiment Prisoners' Quarters, Promenade of the Condemned, Ancient Sewers, Stilt Village, Forgotten Sepulcher, Cavern, Derelict Distillery, Undying Shores (4+ BSC)


• A combo of 3 quick melee attacks followed by a head slam which locks them in place

• Leaping attack towards the player

Performs an invincible dash behind the player when the player uses a main weapon Yes Berserker (4+ BSC; 0.4%)
[Show enemy]DefenderRotG Contains spoilersAstrolab ???A quick slam attack with the Protector if alone ???• Makes one nearby enemy invincible

• Runs from the player if there are other enemies around

???No ???Thunder ShieldRotG (100%)
Magistrate of Death
[Show enemy]Magistrate of DeathRotG Contains spoilersAstrolab ???Summons Screaming Skulls ???Dashes away from the player ???Yes ???HemorrhageRotG (10%)
Screaming Skull
[Show enemy]Screaming SkullRotG Contains spoilersSpawned by Magistrates of DeathRotG ???Projects laser barriers which deal contact damage ???Laser barriers deal high knockback and briefly stun ???No ???N/A
[Show enemy]LibrarianRotG Contains spoilersAstrolab ???Charges up a laser up to three times ???Floats above the player while attacking ???No ???N/A
Rancid Rat
Rancid Rat Toxic Sewers, Corrupted Prison, Graveyard, Derelict Distillery, Infested Shipwreck

Prisoners' Quarters (1+ BSC)

Undying Shores (After visiting Toxic Sewers)

• Scurries around and does a short jump attack • Always appears in groups No Porcupack (0.4%)
Oven Knight
Oven Knight Prisoners' Quarters, Clock Tower, Cavern (2+ BSC)

Derelict Distillery (3+ BSC)

Ramparts (4+ BSC)

• While it has its shield, does a shield bash attack followed by an axe swing

• When its shield is destroyed, has a two-swing axe combo that can change directions during the second swing

• Has a wooden shield that absorbs a single hit

• Moves faster when its shield is destroyed

Yes Oven Axe (2+ BSC; 1.7%)

Kill Rhythm (2+ BSC; 0.4%)

Toxic Miasma
Toxic Miasma Corrupted Prison

Undying Shores (After visiting Corrupted Prison)

• Protrudes spikes in a large area around itself

• Fires a fast arcing sludge projectile

• Can teleport to the player

N/A Yes Barbed Tips (10%)
Weirded Warrior
Weirded Warrior Stilt Village

Corrupted Prison, Forgotten Sepulcher (2+ BSC)

• Has a quick slashing dash that can be performed up to two times in a row • Can block ranged attacks using its swords Yes Hattori's Katana (1.7%)

Blade Master's Outfit (1+ BSC; 0.4%)

Corpulent Zombie
Corpulent Zombie Forgotten Sepulcher • Leaps onto the player's position and pounds the ground several times N/A Yes Point Blank (10%)
Dancer Slumbering Sanctuary • Stabs towards the player repeatedly • Will delay and re-execute its attack if the player attempts to parry it Yes Ranger's Gear (10%)
Infected Worker
Infected Worker Derelict Distillery • Throws an explosive barrel to the players position which explodes on impact. • When the player is close, places a barrel on the ground and jumps back. The barrel explodes after a second or two. Yes Barrel Launcher (0.4%)
Living Barrel
Living Barrel Derelict Distillery • Charges and fires an AoE attack of spikes.

• Chases the player and self destructs.

N/A Yes Tesla Coil (1.7%)
Demolisher Derelict Distillery

Ramparts, Stilt Village (1+ BSC)

Prisoners' Quarters (2+ BSC)

Clock Tower (4+ BSC)

• Fires explosive bolts from its crossbow, alternating between 1 bolt and 2 bolts.

• Slams its crossbow on the ground creating an explosion

N/A Yes Acrobatipack (10%)

Arbalester's Outfit (0.4%)

YeeterTBS Dilapidated Arboretum • Calls Jerkshrooms and throws them to the player

• Throws a small rock towards the player in an arc

• Punches the player at an upwards angle

N/A Yes Flashing FansTBS (0.4%)

Mushroom King OutfitTBS (3+ BSC; 1.7%)

JerkshroomTBS Dilapidated Arboretum

Undying Shores (After visiting Dilapidated Arboretum )

Dashes towards the player Crouches down, become immune to almost all types of attack No Mushroom Boi!TBS (100%)

Mushroom Boi's OutfitTBS (1+ BSC; 1.7%)

BanishedTBS Morass of the Banished • Dashes towards the player

• Impales the player with its spear

• Ambushes the player from above

Hops backwards No Smoke BombTBS (0.4%)

Banished's OutfitTBS (2+ BSC; 1.7%)

BlowgunnerTBS Morass of the Banished

Undying Shores (After visiting Morass of the Banished)

Fires a dart projectile towards the player Jumps to a higher platform No BlowgunTBS (1.7%)

Blowgunner's OutfitTBS (1.7%)

Giant Tick
Giant TickTBS Morass of the Banished • Jabs the player with its claws front and back claws

• Hops towards the player

• Drops three explosive projectiles

Hops backwards Yes Rhythm n' BouzoukiTBS (0.4%)

Tick Trainer's OutfitTBS (4+ BSC; 1.7%)

Myopic Crow
Myopic CrowFF Fractured Shrines Appears from any side of the screen and flies in a straight path N/A No N/A
Stone Warden
Stone WardenFF Fractured Shrines • Swipes with an axe

• Smahes the ground

N/A Yes Iron StaffFF (100%)

Rocky OutfitFF (10%)

Cold Blooded Guardian
Cold Blooded GuardianFF Fractured Shrines

Undying Shores (After visiting Fractured Shrines)

• Poisonous claws attack

• Swipes with its tail

• Throws its javelin at the player and teleports to it if it missed the player

N/A Yes Snake FangsFF (1.7%)

Lizard OutfitFF (1.7%)

ApostateFF Undying Shores • Attacks with its lantern if the player gets too close

• Brings back dead enemies to life

Summons a barrier that needs to be attacked to break No Ferryman's LanternFF (0.4%)

Apostate OutfitFF (1.7%)

Failed Homunculus
Failed HomunculusFF Undying Shores Uses Homunculus to damage the player N/A No Lightning RodsFF (1.7%)

Almost-Yourself OutfitFF (10%)

Clumsy Swordsman
Clumsy SwordsmanFF Undying Shores Attacks twice with a sword Rolls forward No N/A
Dastardly Archer
Dastardly ArcherFF Undying Shores Shoots an arrow to the player Hops between platforms No N/A
Compulsive Gravedigger
Compulsive GravediggerFF Undying Shores Swipe attack with the Shovel Can reflect grenades No N/A
MutineerTQatS Infested Shipwreck • Strikes with an anchor

• Throws anchor and self towards the player

N/A Yes Maw of the DeepTQatS (1.7%)

Mutineer OutfitTQatS (0.4%)

Armored Shrimp
Armored ShrimpTQatS Infested Shipwreck Body slam N/A Yes Hand HookTQatS (1.7%)

Killing DeckTQatS (1.7%) Armored Shrimp Carcass OutfitTQatS (0.4%)

Agitated Pickpocket
Agitated Pickpocket The Bank Triple slash N/A Yes Dagger of Profit (1.7%)

Robber Outfit (1.7%)

Gold Gorger
Gold Gorger The Bank • Swing

• Can collect gold. Become stronger after collecting certain amounts of gold.

N/A Yes Gold Digger (1.7%)

Midas' Blood (1.7%)

Golden Kamikaze
Golden Kamikaze The Bank Self-detonate N/A No Money Shooter (1.7%)
Mimic The Bank • Tongue Lash

• Chain Whip

• Chain Hook

• Bite

• Spit

• Spike

• Sword

• Feed Yes Gold Plating (10%)

Get Rich Quick (10%)

Axe Armor
Axe Armor Dracula's Castle • Axe Throw

• Axe Swing

N/A Yes Throwing Axe (10% (Needs verification))
RotG: Rise of the Giant DLC
TBS: The Bad Seed DLC
FF: Fatal Falls DLC
TQatS: The Queen and the Sea DLC
: Return to Castlevania DLC

Removed enemies[]

Image Name Zones Offensive abilities Defensive abilities Elite? Blueprint drops
Running Zombie
Running Zombie Stilt Village Claw attack Hops backwards Yes N/A
Elite Lieutenant Spawned by Elite enemies in any regular biome Claw attack Hops backwards No N/A
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