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The Fatal Falls DLC is the second paid expansion for Dead Cells. It was released on the 26th of January 2021 to most platforms. The expansion adds a new optional side route through the middle section of the game, with new enemies and a new boss to fight, as well as new outfits and gear to unlock.

This list contains all newly added content that is locked behind the DLC, it needs to be installed for this content to be found.


The expansion includes a total of three new biomes:

Eight new enemies:

A new boss:

Seven new items:

Ten new Outfits:

And 12 new Achievements:

  • Sky Fall
  • Beware the step!
  • Blades N' Roses
  • In mushroom, we trust.
  • Watering Time!
  • Green thumbs
  • First aid
  • Me, jealous?
  • Pool Party
  • A cut above
  • Trapped Trapper
  • The cowl does not make the monk