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Festering Zombies are enemies that resemble a worm. They are encountered in the Ancient Sewers, Stilt Village, as well as the Toxic Sewers on higher difficulties.


Festering Zombies will perform a melee attack up close, similar to a regular Zombie.

At range, it fires an egg which spawns a Corpse Worm. This attack can sense players through terrain obstacles.

Festering Zombies are not subjects to enemy teleportation in higher difficulties.



  • Description: A melee range scratch with a long startup.
  • Can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.



Egg throw

  • Description: Throws an egg at the player that hatches into a Corpse Worm when it lands.
  • Does not deal damage on contact.
  • Can go through walls and floors.
  • If you parry the egg, 3 friendly Biters are spawned when it hatches (6 Biters with Parry Shield).
    • If more Biters are spawned in the same way, the oldest summoned Biters are despawned.




Festering Zombies pose little threat alone. Their melee attacks are just as slow as predictable as the regular Zombie's and they make no effort in trying to avoid you. It's the Corpse Worms it spawns you should be worried about. They can teleport to chase the player and their attacks cover a decent amount of ground. While they have low HP, the more Corpse Worms there are the most likely it is to get hit by them.

Melee attacks with a decent range can hit both the Zombie and Worms, but shorter weapons and ranged weapons with no piercing can be a problem. If that's the case, lure the Worms out further from the Zombie then rush down and kill the Zombie then the Worms.

The Corpse Worms attack fairly slowly, so you can easily lure them out by moving to a different platform and have them chase you.


  • 0.0: Introduced.
  • 1.2: Reworked so that instead of spawning 3 Corpse Worms upon being killed, it throws eggs to the player that hatch into Corpse Worms when aggroed from a distance.
  • 2.3: Renamed from Purulent Zombie to Festering Zombie.

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