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High-ranking dignitaries were embalmed in sarcophagi. After a somewhat brutal ceremony, the skulls of their delegation were used to decorate the walls of the chamber.
Once reserved for high-ranking dignitaries, the sepulcher became a tortuous labyrinth, its reaches fading into obscurity and myth...
To get out alive, simply follow the light. No, not that one, the other... Yes, there, the... No, uh... Wait a minute, where are we..??

Sepulchre flag

The Forgotten Sepulcher is a fifth level biome. According to the loading screen quotes, it was once a tomb for important officials and nobles but was abandoned after the Malaise epidemic. The burial rites included killing the delegations of the entombed dignitaries and using their bones to decorate the walls.

The only one left behind not infected by the Malaise is the Crypt Demon, a mysterious figure who keeps the lights that repel the darkness clean.

General information[]

Access and exit[]

The Teleportation Rune IconTeleportation Rune is required to access the Forgotten Sepulcher from the Stilt Village. There are also entrances from the Slumbering Sanctuary, Fractured ShrinesFF and the Graveyard.

There are two exits out of the Forgotten Sepulcher. The main exit leads to the Clock Room, where the Time Keeper awaits.

After beating the Giant once and with at least 2 BSC active, a door leading to the Guardian's HavenRotG can be accessed, where the GiantRotG awaits. This door always spawns near the exit to the Clock Room.

The Darkness[]

The Darkness is a mechanic found only in the Forgotten Sepulcher (unless the Custom Mode gameplay modifier Follow the Light is enabled). The level appears dark except for permanent and temporary light sources, which illuminate small areas around them. The temporary sources are activated when the player touches them and burn out after a while.

If the player has been away from the light for 12 seconds, the Darkness begins to eat away at their health. The damage gradually increases from 0.1 to 6 per tick, with ticks every 0.3 seconds. Going near a light stops the damage and resets the 12-second timer and damage per tick. Killing an enemy reduces the Darkness by 11%.

Darkness damage does not trigger death by curse, and the Disengagement Mutation IconDisengagement mutation does not protect from it.

Explorer's Rune[]

A room with two elite Dark Trackers can be found at the end of the biome. Defeating those elites gives you two Crypt KeyCrypt Keys, which are required to proceed to the room beyond two elite room, which contains the Explorer's Rune IconExplorer's Rune. Those rooms stop appearing after obtaining the rune.

Level characteristics[]


The Forgotten Sepulcher contains 3 Scrolls of Power with a fourth located in a cursed chest and 2 Dual Scrolls, which cannot spawn in areas requiring the Teleport, Ram or Spider runes. On 4+ BSC, there is a bonus Scroll of Power. When 3 Boss Stem Cells are active, this biome has 2 guaranteed Scroll Fragments, and when 4/5 Boss Stem Cells are active, this biome has 3 guaranteed Scroll Fragments. These can spawn in areas requiring the Teleportation Rune, but not the Spider Rune IconSpider Rune.

Enemy tier and gear level scaling[]

In the table below, you will find the gear level and enemy tier of the Forgotten Sepulcher based on difficulty.

Difficulty Normal Hard Very Hard Expert Nightmare/Hell
Gear level V V V VI VIII
Enemy lvl tier 19 - 23 22 - 25 23 - 26 25 - 28 29 - 32
Enemy Health tier Base 19 - 21 26 - 29 30 - 33 32 - 36

Loot and shops[]

Main level[]

Boss Stem Cells rewards[]

Exclusive blueprints[]

Enemy blueprints[]

The blueprints for the Spiked Shield IconSpiked Shield and Death Orb IconDeath Orb can only be found in this biome and in the Morass of the BanishedTBS and are looted from Cleavers. The blueprint for Point Blank Mutation IconPoint Blank can only be found in this biome, as it's dropped by the biome exclusive Corpulent Zombie. The third Moonflower KeyMoonflower Key can also be found here in a secret room, which is needed to access the 3+ BSC mutation Acceptance Mutation IconAcceptance and requires a Gardener's KeyGardener's Key to reach.


Corpulent Zombies can only be found in this biome. In addition, Cleavers could also be considered iconic of the Forgotten Sepulcher, as it could only be found here in older versions of the game. Other enemies that can be found here include Shockers, Kamikazes, and Inquisitors, as well as Knife Throwers, Weirded Warriors, and Failed Experiments on higher difficulties.

The table below lists which enemies are present in the Forgotten Sepulcher on each difficulty level and which blueprints each may drop. When applicable, the minimum difficulty level for blueprint acquisition is specified.

Enemy Normal Hard Very Hard Expert Nightmare/Hell
Kamikaze Frantic Sword, Kamikaze Outfit, Neon Outfit (1+ BSC)
Cleaver Death Orb, Spiked Shield
Corpulent Zombie Point Blank
Dark Tracker Repeater Crossbow, Hayabusa Boots (1+ BSC), Ninja Outfit (2+ BSC)
Inquisitor Lightning Bolt, Vampirism, Mage Outfit (2+ BSC)
Shocker Flamethrower Turret
Knife Thrower Great Owl of War, Legendary Warrior's Outfit (3+ BSC)
Weirded Warrior Hattori's Katana, Blade Master's Outfit
Failed Experiment Berserker


Alchemist grimoires[]

Main article: The Alchemist

The Alchemist was researching the Malaise in the Forgotten Sepulcher, but the bodies kept waking up. In addition, the Darkness was making his work difficult. This prompted him to leave the area:[1]

  • "The bodies have woken up again."
  • "And this darkness..."
  • "I can no longer continue my experiments on the Malaise here."

Other rooms[]

Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the Uncharted series, is found dead in a pit.[2] He was looting sarcophagi but never managed to get back up because his rope was too short.


  • Before the v1.1 the 26 minutes timed door used to reward the player with 2 Power Scrolls, making it a very lucrative level. These scrolls were removed with the rework of timed doors. To compensate for this change, the scroll count was changed from 3 Power Scrolls/2 Dual Scrolls to 5 Power Scrolls only. In the v1.5 update, scroll counts were balanced across the game to prevent some biomes being more lucrative than others.
  • Before v1.5 the Hayabusa Boots were exclusive to this biome, and they could only be obtained in the room where the Explorer’s Rune is currently located. Additionally, this room would continue to appear even after the blueprint had already been obtained. As this room has been repurposed for a rune, the blueprint can now be obtained outside the Sepulcher from any Dark Tracker, but only with a minimum difficulty of 1 BSC.
    • This does not affect players who have obtained and turned in the blueprint prior to this update.
  • Before v1.7 Cleavers could only be found exclusively in this biome. This marks it as the second enemy to lose biome exclusivity, with the first being the Slammer.
    • However, if the player does not install the Bad Seed DLC, this enemy would still technically count as exclusive given that there is no other way of finding it.