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Gold Gorgers are enemies found in the Bank. They consist of 3 separate forms and are made entirely out of gold. They have 2 small green eyes misplaced on their head and carry many stolen goods including tridents and swords stolen from the bank.


Gold Gorgers steal gold from the enemies around it and evolves into stronger forms. Their first transformation requires 200 gold, while their second requires 450 gold. When killed, they drop all the gold they had absorbed. Elite Gold Gorgers are always at the third form.


First form[]


  • Description: Does a slow swing with their fist.
  • Slow hit, easy to parry and dodge by rolling or jumping.

Second form[]

Gold Gorger now takes 15% less damage, and can teleport to the player.

Double Swing

  • Description: Does a 2-hit combo swinging their arms that has a bit of forward momentum.
  • Can be parried and dodged.

Third Form[]

Gold Gorger can teleport to the player.

Heavy Double Swing

  • Description: Does a 2-hit comboFirst slamming their giant fist down on the ground followed by a punch forward with great reach.
  • Can be parried and dodged.

Gold Eruption

  • Description: Slams fist down on the ground, summoning golden rocks beneath the player.
  • Can not be parried.
  • Can be dodged.


  • Preventing it from absorbing gold will stop it from transforming and will make it easier to combat them.
  • It is best to single them out in crowds since they get stronger from their surroundings.
    • While Golden Kamikazes give more gold upon death, it is not advised to let it explode when a Gold Gorger is nearby, since it will guarantee their transformation.


  • 2.8: Introduced.

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