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Golems are enemies encountered solely in the Slumbering Sanctuary.


While the Sanctuary is still inactive, Golems are immobile statues of stone. They awaken when the Ancient Temple switch is activated.

Retreating from a Golem is nearly impossible, as they teleport the player to them if one gets too far away or on another platform that is higher or lower than the Golem. As such, when a Golem catches sight of you, you're committed to fighting them. It is impossible to outrun a Golem, even if you reach the teleporter. It will also teleport the player upon seeing any deployable skill deployed by them.

Golems attack by doing a dashing punch for a long distance. When at low health the Golem can also perform a long-range slam that covers the entire platform. This cannot be rolled or parried, and it's very likely to get hit by a punch afterwards.


Punch dash

  • Description: Dashes towards the player while punching.
  • Can be blocked, parried, or dodge rolled.



Shattering slam

  • Description: Performs a long-range slam, spawning shockwaves that cover the entire platform.
  • Cannot be blocked, parried, or dodge rolled.



Grapple teleport

  • Description: When the player is too far from the Golem to attack, the Golem will teleport the player directly to it. This move deals no damage.
  • Cannot be blocked, parried, or dodge rolled.




When dealing with Golems, be very cautious of their attacks; they do major damage and can lead the player to their death in groups of enemies. Try to pick off any enemies near a Golem and fight them alone. Both of the Golem's attacks are fast and somewhat hard to telegraph. Unlike his punch however, his earth-shatter can't be parried, and can deal significant damage if it hits. To prevent this, jumping and rolling when he prepares a strike can be vital to dodge both. Since his punch goes extremely fast, running from his attack would only lead to getting hit. As long as the player can proficiently dodge their brutal attacks, Golems can be dealt with. It is advisable to dodge towards the direction of the golem's punch to catch them in a vulnerable pause.


  • The Golem is one of the few enemies shown in the Dead Cells animated trailer. The Beheaded initially fights one with a whip, causing the golem to throw him to a wall instead. A second golem was swiftly dispatched with the Vorpan IconVorpan afterwards.


  • 0.4: Introduced.
  • 0.6: Can't teleport the player anymore when they are invisible.
  • 1.4: Can no longer spawn with the clone elite ability.

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