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List of grenades

Icon Name Description Blueprint location Base damage Base cooldown Scaling
Powerful Grenade Icon.png Powerful Grenade Causes a large explosion. Drops from Bombardiers (10%) 200 damage 13 seconds Str Hp.png
Infantry Grenade Icon.png Infantry Grenade Quick to use, but not super powerful. Always unlocked 90 damage 4 seconds Strength Stat.png
Cluster Grenade Icon.png Cluster Grenade Breaks into 6 bombs (50 damage each). Drops from Slashers (1.7%) 50 damage 20 seconds Str Hp.png
Magnetic Grenade Icon.png Magnetic Grenade Attracts anything nearby, inflicting 5 shock DPS zone damage for 3 seconds. Drops from Grenadiers (0.4%) 12 DPS
2.4 damage
16 seconds Skill Stat.png
Stun Grenade Icon.png Stun Grenade Stuns enemies (3.5 sec). Secret area at the end of Ramparts 45 damage 12 seconds Health Stat.png
Ice Grenade Icon.png Ice Grenade Freezes its victims. Always unlocked 35 damage 18 seconds Health Stat.png
Fire Grenade Icon.png Fire Grenade Burns nearby enemies (25 DPS for 3 sec). Drops from Grenadiers (1.7%) 25 DPS
12 damage
13 seconds Strength Stat.png
Root Grenade Icon.png Root Grenade Roots nearby enemies causing 50 DPS for 4 seconds. Timed Door Room after the Black Bridge 50 DPS
16 seconds Health Stat.png
Oil Grenade Icon.png Oil Grenade Spreads inflammable oil in its area of effect. Drops from Hammers (0.4%) 100 damage 10 seconds Str Skill.png
Swarm Icon.png Swarm Summons 8 biters to serve you. Drops from Disgusting Worms (0.4%) 18 (single biter, 144 max) DPS
9 damage
10 seconds Skill Stat.png
Hunter's Grenade Icon.png Hunter's Grenade Use this to annoy a monster. When its health is down to 40% or less, use "Blueprint Extractor".
"Catch 'em all!"
The Collector - through Specialist's Showroom upgrade N/A N/A Strength Stat.png
RotG: Rise of the Giant DLC
TBS: The Bad Seed DLC
FF: Fatal Falls DLC
TQatS: The Queen and the Sea DLC