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Guardian Knights are enemies solely found in High Peak Castle.


Once the Guardian Knight detects the player, it will always start with its tornado attack. It has a cooldown before it can start using it again. While it's cooling down, if the player is at melee range it will use its overhead swing.


Tornado spin

  • Description: Charges up and spins, creating a tornado that sucks in the player.
  • Can be blocked, parried, or dodge rolled (not recommended).
  • Blocks attacks and projectiles while spinning, except attacks that pierce shields.
  • Continuously pulls the player horizontally towards the tornado while spinning.
  • Has a high vertical hitbox.
  • Does not get parried by Armadillopack.



Overhead swing

  • Description: Does a slow overhead swing that deals massive damage.
  • Can be blocked, parried, or dodge rolled.




The best way to deal with a Guardian Knight is to bait out its tornado attack and wait it out. As soon as it starts charging, move to a different platform. They are practically invincible during the attack anyway, and the vacuum effect will make it difficulty to fight other enemies while near it. Even at 4+ BSC, you'll likely have enough time to kill everything else while it's spinning. Whatever you do, don't stay close to it while it's charging up.

They have very high health and are almost impossible to breach, so killing them before they spin is impractical without using cooldown skills. You can also freeze it before it starts spinning to interrupt it. You could also parry it right when it starts spinning to interrupt it, but this is impractical.

While its overhead attack can obliterate your health bar, it's very slow and easy to dodge by rolling behind them. They're even less threatening at a range due to their very slow walk speed.



  • 0.6: Introduced.

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