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Hammers are enemies that are found in the Prison Depths.


  • Their main attack is slamming the ground, which causes 4 bombs to appear which explode in a wide area.
  • If they become aware of the player, they may also spawn a horde of Sewer Flies.


Cluster grenade

  • Description: Launches four bombs around itself.
  • These bombs can be reflected by certain skills and weapons like Wave of Denial and Shovel.



Fly Swarm

  • Description: Spawns several Sewer Flies which will then chase the player.
  • The attacks of the flies can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.




  • The Hammer is sturdy and tanky, on top of its far-reaching attacks. It is therefore an extremely dangerous threat.
    • The safest strategy is to try to kill them from afar with a ranged weapon or skill so as to keep them from being able to easily reach one.
    • Another strategy one could use, which also works with many enemies, is simply overwhelming it and killing it before it can actually do anything, which could be done in any number of ways, such as hitting it with both skills at once and then with the main weapon, or applying a debuff that increases damage dealt to it, such as with the Hokuto’s Bow, or even skills such as Phaser or the Grappling Hook. The less time it’s alive, the less chance one will have of taking a hit.
  • Any form of projectile reflection (parrying, Shovel, Wave of Denial, Tornado, etc.) can be very helpful, since reflected bombs do area-of-effect damage which can help clean up the Sewer Flies, and likely hit the Hammer for decent damage even if it impacts a Fly.
  • Stun, freeze and root effects can be great for preventing the Hammer from attacking, and giving an opportunity to kill it before it can recover.


  • Previously named Mechanical Spider.
  • Prior to v2.0, the Barrels o'Fun Update, Hammer was an exclusive enemy to Prison Depths.


  • 0.0: Introduced

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