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The Health Flask is a unique upgrade item that is used to restore the player's health.


  • Special Effects:
    • Restores 60% of the player's max health by applying a health regeneration effect over the course of 1 second.
    • Resets the cooldown of the One-Hit Protection (see Mechanics).
    • Removes 150(3 bars) infection points of Malaise.
    • Has a limited number of charges depending on its upgrade level, with a maximum of 4.
      • Health Fountains will restore the Health Flask to full capacity. Alternatively, a single charge can be restored using a Flask Recharge pickup.
  • Attack Duration: 0.67 seconds
    • Charge: 0
    • Lock: 0.5
    • Cooldown: 0.67


The Health Flask is unique in that it can be upgraded to add extra charges to use it multiple times, with each upgrade adding one extra charge.

Icon Name Description Requirements
Healing Potion 1 Icon
Health Flask I Unlocks a health potion that can be used at any time. First item available to unlock.
Healing Potion 2 Icon
Health Flask II The health potion can be used 2 times. Health Flask I
Healing Potion 3 Icon
Health Flask III The health potion can be used 3 times. Health Flask II, unlock 10 items
Healing Potion 4 Icon
Health Flask IV The health potion can be used 4 times. Health Flask III, unlock 25 items

There is a 5th and final upgrade to the Health Flask that is only obtainable when 5 Boss Stem Cells are active (see spoiler for more information on that upgrade).


  • The Health Flask is the first item that must be unlocked at the Collector in order to begin unlocking other equipment and upgrades.
  • Multiple Mutations found within the game change the properties of the Health Flask in some way. Extended Healing Mutation Icon Extended Healing, for example, extends the duration of the regeneration effect given by the Health Flask to 15 seconds, while healing 85% of your health instead of 60%, and also providing the player with a damage buff during this time.