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The guards stored a lot of things in this old crypt. Weapons, provisions... and chains, just in case.
Strange cries can be heard from the storehouse. Surely they're not human... No, no.
The King decided to convert this old crypt into a storehouse. After all, there was still plenty of room in the cemetery at the time.
Some of the guards tell of throwing bodies down there to feed her. Perhaps she just wanted to play?

Conju flag

The Insufferable Crypt is a first boss biome. It is a large room with a hallway on both sides guarded by Conjunctivius. There are four platforms: one near the ground in the middle of the room, two higher up on either side, and a fourth in the middle near the ceiling. Before the infectious Malaise made its debut, this former crypt was converted into a storage room. The old crypt had little need to be used, as there wasn't such an influx of bodies to bury.

However, then people started dying. That's when she appeared. This... monstrosity had suddenly risen up from a pile of mutated rot and flesh. The guards needed to confine her somewhere, lest their lives be forfeit; thus, they chained her up, and here she remains, hungry. It's been a long while since she last smelled the sweet, succulent scent of human flesh.

General information[]

Access and exit[]

This biome can be accessed through the Ancient Sewers or by going through a 3 BSC door in the Ramparts. Two exits are available after the crypt, leading to the Slumbering Sanctuary and the Graveyard, the latter of which requires the Spider Rune IconSpider Rune.

Level characteristics[]


When 3 Boss Stem Cells are active, Conjunctivius will drop 3 guaranteed Scroll Fragments, and when 4/5 Boss Stem Cells are active, she will drop 5 Scroll Fragments.

Enemy tier and gear level scaling[]

Difficulty Normal Hard Very Hard Expert Nightmare/Hell
Gear level III III III IV VI
Enemy lvl tier 11 14 15 17 20
Enemy Health tier Base 15 18 20 23

Exclusive blueprints[]

Beating Conjunctivius will award the following blueprints:

Conjunctivius Outfits[]

Beating Conjunctivius will also reward the player with one of her outfits. There are 6 Conjunctivius outfits, one for each difficulty and one for defeating Conjunctivius without taking a single hit. The outfit of the lowest difficulty remaining is always the one that drops, e.g. the Classic outfit will drop on 4 BSC if it hasn't been looted yet.



See the main article for information about Conjunctivius.


  • 0.0: Introduced.