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'''Keepers''' are the boss enemies in ''[[Dead Cells]]''.
'''Keepers''' are the bosses in ''[[Dead Cells]]''. Each Keeper has their own [[biome]], where the player must defeat them to progress.
1. Incomplete One (Located at the Black Bridge)
Its pattern is rather easy. At first it will just move slowly toward you and attack with a thrust-like attack.
After losing some HP it will sometimes shout which results in a short stun for the player and a forceshield (white) for itself.
It may also gain a damaging aura (red) so its best to wait until the buff is gone or resort to ranged attacks.
After losing about 1/2 of its HP it starts to send a wave of fire, originating from itself. To avoid this one the player will need to jump.
The last skill it gains is a jump toward the player, mostly done after the wave of fire so the player is unable to evade while in mid-air.
To avoid this its best to keep a greater distance so the player may be on ground again and rolls.
There are currently two Keepers in the game: [[Incomplete One]] and [[the Watcher]].
2. The Watcher
The Watcher is the last boss you will meet (subject to change), he's a one-eyed severed head tied to the walls in the boss room by three chains.
He has 3 basic moves, firstly he will shot a ring of poison shots around him, secondly he will charge a red beam charging at you shortly after. He also can come up to you and charge a static field like attack with short range around him.
After 3/4, 2/4 and 1/4 of his HP is lost he will become invulnerable and stay so until you kill the couple of tentacles that he spawns. The number of tentacles goes up each time he enters this stage. The tentacles are burrowed and attack you from straight under and also charge across the floor from time to time, their pattern becoming faster as you kill more of them.
After all tentacles are killed you can start attacking The Watcher again although he becomes faster and he improves his 3 moves a bit with more bullets and faster charges.

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Keepers are the bosses in Dead Cells. Each Keeper has their own biome, where the player must defeat them to progress.

There are currently two Keepers in the game: Incomplete One and the Watcher.