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Knife Throwers are cloaked ninja-like enemies armed with throwing knives. They are only found on higher difficulties.


Knife Throwers remain in stealth unless a valid target is within range. Their only attack is a kunai combo.

They can also back step or teleport to avoid the player at close range.


Throwing knives

  • Description: Its eyes glow, then tosses a poisonous knife three times. Notably, unlike many other ranged attacks, this only has a visual telegraph before it executes, not a sound cue - sound is only produced once the knives are actually thrown.
  • Can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.
  • All three knives are thrown in the same direction.
  • Moving behind the Knife Thrower before it throws its knives will interrupt the attack.
  • Has a low hit damage, but deals poison damage.




  • Knife Throwers are tricky due to their stealth ability, mobility and rapid attacks. Their real weakness is their generally low health.
  • It is not recommended to attack as soon as you reach it since it will simply backstep and ambush you from behind.
    • Using ranged weapons can avoid this problem. Alternatively, roll only during the attack before the combo ends.
  • Using a shield can render Knife Throwers vulnerable as one can easily parry all 3 knives and likely kill it before it can attack again.
  • While the knives don't deal a lot of damage, the poison effect will eat away at your Rally HP.


  • Knife Throwers used to be able to change direction during their 3-projectile combo briefly during the alpha of v1.2.
  • While their daggers are toxic, the kunai cannot poison other enemies when parried.
  • Knife Throwers are also known as Kunai Masters in the game files. They were in the game files long before their formal introduction, and reused Dark Tracker's sprite when spawned.


  • 1.2: Introduced.
  • 1.8: Now always dodges or dashes once before starting an attack.

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