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Living Barrels are a unique enemy found only in the Derelict Distillery. they function similarly to Kamikazes, as they can self-destruct to harm the player. However, they also have other unique traits that distinguish them from other enemies, such as being able to camouflage in with their surroundings.


Living Barrels are hidden in the background and mimic regular barrels, but will reveal themselves when the player gets close enough. Living Barrels can chase after the player across platforms.

While undamaged, they shoot spikes. After they take any amount of damage, they begin to prime and chase after the player before exploding.

Elite Living Barrels have no attack pattern changes, but attack faster and are even harder than usual to stun.


Spike burst

  • Description: Launches five spike projectiles around itself, firing up, sideways, and diagonally.
  • Can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.




  • Description: When damaged, begins to flash red and start ticking. It will explode after a few seconds and chase the player until it does.
  • Explosion can be blocked or parried.
  • Cannot be dodge rolled.
  • Once primed, it has a set lifetime before it detonates.
  • Will briefly stop before exploding.




Living Barrels are extremely aggressive when aggroed. They are fast and their spike attack deals a lot of damage, their explosion moreso. They make moving around in the Distillery very dangerous, as one (or more) can jump out at any minute. When you do see a Living Barrel, wait for the time to hit them so you have enough time and the right positioning to avoid getting hit by them.

If you have access to burst damage, you can try kill them quickly before their fuse goes off. Otherwise, it's best to hit them once and run away from them. Running away is easier if there are multiple (safe) platforms to jump to and have a speed boost active.

If you are trying to capture an Elite Living Barrel with the Blueprint Extractor Icon.png Blueprint Extractor, it's highly recommended to bring some sort of way to freeze it. Once it reaches its HP threshold, freeze it and capture it before it thaws.



  • This enemy, along with the rest of the content found within the Derelict Distillery, as well as the biome itself, were added in update v2.0, also known as the Barrels o' Fun Update.
  • Their thin purple legs resemble those of Hammers.


  • 2.0: Introduced.

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