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Active mechanics

All melee weapons deal melee damage and benefit from any melee specific effects and bonuses. Melee weapons also all have the capabilities to hit multiple enemies at once if they are within range. Most melee weapons also have their own individual movesets that they can initiate by continuously attacking, but there is a short time where the player may do other actions before continuing the weapon's combo, such as rolling or jumping.

Effect scaling

All melee weapons' damage scales based on either the player's Strength Stat.png Brutality stat or their Health Stat.png Survival stat. Brutality scaling weapons are usually lighter, faster attacking weapons, such as the Balanced Blade Icon.pngBalanced Blade or the Twin Daggers Icon.pngTwin Daggers, while Survival scaling weapons are usually slower, heavier weapons like the Nutcracker Icon.pngNutcracker or the Broadsword Icon.pngBroadsword. Weapons that scale with both Brutality and Survival are usually weapons that are a sort of medium speed between light and heavy weapons, like the Shovel Icon.pngShovel. Some melee weapons also have alternate scaling with Skill Stat.png Tactics (e.g. Valmont's Whip Icon.pngValmont's Whip or the Shrapnel Axes Icon.pngShrapnel Axes).

List of melee weapons

This is a list of all obtainable melee weapons within the game.

Icon Name Description Blueprint location Base DPS Scaling
Rusty Sword Icon.png Rusty Sword Kills things. Sometimes... Always unlocked 138 Strength Stat.png
Balanced Blade Icon.png Balanced Blade Damage increases up to +90% when you strike repeatedly. Inflicts critical hits after 10 successive hits. Always unlocked 147-279 (230-437) Strength Stat.png
Assassin's Dagger Icon.png Assassin's Dagger Inflicts a critical hit when you stab your enemy in the back.
Light but deadly if you know how to use it.
Secret area near the start of the Promenade of the Condemned 134 (402) Strength Stat.png
Spite Sword Icon.png Spite Sword Inflict a critical hit if you took damage less than 8 sec ago, or if you're cursed.
A rusty weapon that reveals its power when things get tough.
Drops from Buzzcutters (0.03%) 144 (255) Strength Stat.png
Blood Sword Icon.png Blood Sword Causes bleeding (3.5 DPS for 12 sec). Drops from Zombies (100%) 122 Strength Stat.png
Twin Daggers Icon.png Twin Daggers Inflicts a critical hit on the 3rd consecutive strike.
Two daggers for the price of one. Slice and dice... guaranteed to please.
Always unlocked 173 (257) Strength Stat.png
Broadsword Icon.png Broadsword The second and third hits are critical.
Slow and heavy, but deliciously vicious.
Drops from Tutorial Knight's corpse in the Prisoners' Quarters 176 (281) Health Stat.png
Shovel Icon.png Shovel Knocks back enemies and bombs.
Any object can become a deadly weapon if it's moving fast enough...
Drops from Swarm Zombies (0.4%) 158 Str Hp.png
Cursed Sword Icon.png Cursed Sword One hit and you're dead.
So you like to play hardball, do ya?
Drops from Conjunctivius (3rd kill) 618 Strength Stat.png
Sadist's Stiletto Icon.png Sadist's Stiletto Inflicts a critical hit if the target is bleeding or poisoned.
Hit 'em where it hurts.
Drops from Impalers (1.7%) 109 (222) Str Skill.png
Swift Sword Icon.png Swift Sword Inflicts a critical hit if you have an active speed buff.
Forget about taking your time. To get real results, strike hard and fast.
Daily Run - First Completion 137 (208) Strength Stat.png
Giantkiller Icon.png GiantkillerRotG Inflicts a critical hit if the victim is an elite enemy or a boss.
The bigger they are...
Drops from the Giant (1st kill) 127 (465) Str Hp.png
Shrapnel Axes Icon.png Shrapnel Axes Metal shards burst from the axes when you strike enemies, inflicting approximately 130 damage. Drops from Demons (0.4%) 181 Str Skill.png
Seismic Strike Icon.png Seismic Strike Provokes terrestrial shock waves that root victims. Drops from Bombers (2+ BSC; 0.4%) 131 Health Stat.png
War Spear Icon.png War Spear Inflicts a critical hit when you strike several targets at the same time.
Greater range but less speed.
Drops from Hammers (10%) 256 (435) Str Hp.png
Impaler Icon.png Impaler Inflicts a critical hit if the victim is up against a wall. Drops from the Concierge (4th kill) 175 (450) Strength Stat.png
Symmetrical Lance Icon.png Symmetrical Lance Inflicts critical hits for 6 sec if you quickly kill 2 enemies with this weapon. Drops from the Hand of the King (1st kill) 192 (288) Health Stat.png
Rapier Icon.png Rapier Inflicts a critical hit immediately after a roll or a parry.
It's all in the wrist...
Drops from Scorpions (0.4%) 171 (388) Strength Stat.png
Meat Skewer Icon.png Meat Skewer The first attack pierces the enemy, placing you behind it. Your next attack inflict critical hits.
Now you see me, now you don't.
Daily Run - Tenth Completion 181 (281) Strength Stat.png
Nutcracker Icon.png Nutcracker Inflicts a critical hit if the victim is stunned, frozen or rooted. Always unlocked 155 (386) Health Stat.png
Spartan Sandals Icon.png Spartan Sandals Knocks back enemies, dealing damage where they land. Deals 90 extra damage if the enemy hits a wall. The final strike in the combo will knock back any enemy.
Drops from Runners (100%) 32 Str Skill.png
Spiked Boots Icon.png Spiked Boots Inflicts a critical hit if the kick interrupts an attack. Drops from Thornies (0.4%) 105 (324) Strength Stat.png
Hayabusa Boots Icon.png Hayabusa Boots The last hit inflicts area-of-effect damage and pushes enemies back. Drops from Dark Trackers (1+ BSC; 1.7%) 161 Strength Stat.png
Hayabusa Gauntlets Icon.png Hayabusa Gauntlets Inflicts critical hits if the victim has less than 40% HP.
Drops from Lancers (0.4%) 124 (243) Strength Stat.png
Valmont's Whip Icon.png Valmont's Whip Ignores shields. Inflicts a critical hit if the tip of the whip strikes the enemy.
Popularized by the well-dressed Baron Valmont du Cul.
Drops from Disgusting Worms (0.4%) 109 (305) Str Skill.png
Wrenching Whip Icon.png Wrenching Whip Ignores shields, pulls victims toward you and inflicts a critical hit on the 3rd strike. Drops from Pirate Captains (0.4%) 129 (187) Strength Stat.png
Oiled Sword Icon.png Oiled Sword Douses the enemy with inflammable oil and inflict critical hits during 10 sec after hitting an enemy on fire. Drops from Bats (1.7%) 127 (215) Strength Stat.png
Torch Icon.png Torch Burns your enemies (15 DPS for 2.7 sec).
Talk about mood lighting!
Drops from Spawners (1.7%) 107 Strength Stat.png
Frantic Sword Icon.png Frantic Sword Inflicts a critical hit when you have less than 50% health or more than 50% Malaise.
The weapon of choice of fighters who like to live dangerously.
Drops from Kamikazes (0.4%) 137 (285) Strength Stat.png
Flawless Icon.png Flawless Inflicts critical hits if you haven't taken damage for at least 15 seconds. Drops from Slammers (0.4%) 115 (278) Str Hp.png
Flint Icon.png Flint Hold the attack to inflict a critical hit and create a flaming trail.
The Concierge was always ready to give an extra hand.
Drops from the Concierge (1st kill) 224 (400) Str Hp.png
Tentacle Icon.png Tentacle Ignore shields and project you towards the enemy and inflicts a critical hit if you attack again while bumped.
Free hugs!
Drops from Conjunctivius (1st kill) 78 (265) Str Skill.png
Vorpan Icon.png Vorpan Inflicts a critical hit if the enemy is facing you.
Grill. Fry. Burn. Reheat.
Available in the Shop free of charge - 4th run onward only 161 (289) Strength Stat.png
Flashing Fans Icon.png Flashing FansTBS Repelling a projectile causes you to inflict critical hits for 8 seconds.
Use the force Luke...
Drops from Yeeters (0.4%) 145 (246) Str Skill.png
Scythe Claw Icon.png
Left Scythe Claw Icon.png
Scythe ClawTBS Inflicts a critical hit if you previously used the other claw.
Recovered from the stinking carcass of Mama Tick. Might come in handy.
Drops from Mama Tick (1st kill) 85 (311)
2nd Mode:
165 (767)
Health Stat.png
Rhythm n' Bouzouki Icon.png Rhythm n' BouzoukiTBS Inflicts critical hits if you strike at the right time. The last hit repeats indefinitely if you keep the tempo going.
Hey, get rhythm when you get the blues! Come on, get rhythm when you get the blues...
Drops from Giant Ticks (0.4%) 133 (330) Health Stat.png
Crowbar Icon.png Crowbar Inflict critical hits for 8 seconds after destroying a door.
Surprisingly effective when eradicating parasites.
Lore room in the Prisoners' Quarters 174 (284) Strength Stat.png
Snake Fangs Icon.png Snake FangsFF Teleports you to the nearest target. Poisons victims (4 DPS for 15 sec). Inflicts critical hits if the target has more than 5 poison marks. Drops from Cold Blooded Guardians (1.7%) 94 (150) Str Skill.png
Iron Staff Icon.png Iron StaffFF The first hit allows you to parry melee hits. The combo inflicts critical hits after a successful parry. Drops from Stone Wardens (100%) 135 (404) Str Hp.png
Ferryman's Lantern Icon.png
Soul Shot Icon.png
Ferryman's LanternFF Kill an enemy to gather its soul. The last combo hit snatches a soul from Bosses.
Secondary Ability: Soul Shot
Charge to shoot souls as projectiles. If more than 3 souls are shot at the same time, they inflict critical hits.
Drops from Apostates (0.4%) 164
2nd Mode:
107 (429)
Str Skill.png
Hattori's Katana Icon.png Hattori's Katana Hold to dash through enemies in front of you inflicting critical hits. Drops from Weirded Warriors (1.7%) 187 (287) Strength Stat.png
Tombstone Icon.png Tombstone Kill an enemy with the last hit to bury it under a tombstone and doom nearby enemies. Drops from Swarm Zombies (1.7%) 250 Health Stat.png
Oven Axe Icon.png Oven Axe Repeat the last hit combo to inflict critical damage. Drops from Oven Knights (2+ BSC; 1.7%) 215 (273) Health Stat.png
Toothpick Icon.png
Broken Toothpick Icon.png
ToothpickRotG Strike harder by charging your attack, but the Toothpick will be broken for 6 seconds.
Secondary Ability: Broken Toothpick
Reverts to initial form after 6 seconds.
Drops from Ground Shakers (10%) 195 (778)
2nd Mode:
Health Stat.png
Machete and Pistol Icon.png Machete and Pistol The third attack uses the pistol to bump and inflict critical damage to nearby enemies.
Hack, slash and shoot!
Lore room in the Prisoners' Quarters 117 (163) Str Skill.png
Hard Light Sword Icon.png
Hard Light Gun Icon.png
Hard Light Sword Deals critical damage depending on the number of gun marks on the target. Recharges Hard Light Gun's ammo.
Secondary Ability: Hard Light Gun
Marks its targets to make Hard Light Sword deal critical damage to them. Ammo doesn't recharge passively.
An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.
Lore room in the Prisoners' Quarters 101 (243)
2nd Mode:
50 (300)
Str Skill.png
Pure Nail Icon.png Pure Nail Can attack while moving and upward. Attacking downward while airborne cause you to bounce on your enemies, dealing critical damage.
My life's work achieved... What more is left...?
Lore room in the Prisoners' Quarters 155 (218) Strength Stat.png
Bone Icon.png Bone Hitting with the second attack enables a whirlwind attack that deals critical damage.
You don't want to have one to pick with that young skeleton.
Lore room in the Prisoners' Quarters 137.5 (156) Strength Stat.png
Abyssal Trident Icon.png Abyssal TridentTQatS The second attack is a charge that inflicts critical damage after a few moments. Interrupt it with the last attack to deal critical damage.
Forking good weapon!
Lore room in Infested Shipwreck; requires Forked Key 97 (218) Strength Stat.png
Hand Hook Icon.png Hand HookTQatS The last attack throws the target behind you, bumping other enemies it hits. Enemies thrown on walls are dealt critical damage.
You'll get hooked on throwing enemies on the walls!
Drops from Armored Shrimps (1.7%) 102 (168) Strength Stat.png
Maw of the Deep Icon.png Maw of the DeepTQatS The third attack throws the shark, rooting the enemy and causing it to bleed. Inflicts critical hits on rooted targets.
The first weapon that moonlights as a terrible sea predator.
Drops from Mutineers (1.7%) 142 (242) Health Stat.png
Bladed Tonfas Icon.png Bladed TonfasTQatS The first attack makes you jump forward. Hitting with this attack causes your next combo with this weapon to deal critical damage.
Stylish yet impractical. How was she able to use it with such deadly accuracy?!
Drops from Kleio when killed last 105 (252) Strength Stat.png
Wrecking Ball Icon.png Wrecking BallTQatS The third attack throws the ball and the fourth recalls it.
I never hit so hard in love.
Drops from Calliope when killed last 154 (206) Health Stat.png
Queen's Rapier Icon.png Queen's RapierTQatS Attacks that hit a target also slice through reality, hitting anything on their path again.
Graceful and deadly, just like Her.
Drops from the Queen (1st kill) 47 (123) Strength Stat.png
Dagger of Profit Icon.png Dagger of Profit Inflicts critical hits for 3 seconds after picking up gold.
Drops from Agitated Pickpockets (1.7%) 105 (211) Strength Stat.png
Gold Digger Icon.png Gold Digger Hits cause their target to drop [10 in base form, 15 in improved form] gold. Inflicts critical damage if you have more than 12000 gold.
Au-some weapon.
Drops from Gold Gorgers (1.7%) 118 (206) Health Stat.png
RotG: Rise of the Giant DLC
TBS: The Bad Seed DLC
FF: Fatal Falls DLC
TQatS: The Queen and the Sea DLC