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Ah! A new challenger! Welcome to my proving grounds!

Mentor Knight is an NPC in Dead Cells. They organize the boss rush challenges.


First encounter[]

  • "Ah! A new challenger! Welcome to my proving grounds!"
  • "Here, you can fight your most formidable past enemies one after the other."
  • "Should you triumph, you'll receive wonderful rewards and the people (or what remains of them) will sing your praises for years to come."
  • "And if you find it too easy, your opponents have prepared new fighting techniques to surprise you! Try completing the challenge without getting hit!"
  • "Go ahead! Test your mettle!"

First Boss Rush[]

  • "Good, I see you chose to enter the fray!"
  • "I prepared a few items taken from my arsenal for you. Go ahead and gear up!"
  • "One of these little creatures is also there to help you."
  • "Whenever you're ready, just go through the door at the end of the corridor. Serious business begins there!"
  • "If you get cold feet, you can always come talk to me to abandon the challenge."

When entering Boss Rush Zone[]

  • "Welcome to the Proving Grounds!"
  • "Ready for the next showdown?"
  • "Glad to see such a determined face... or whatever it is that sits on your shoulders."
  • "Go forth, prisonner, and prove your worth in battle!"
  • "Craving for thrills? You've come to the right place!"

When starting a Boss Rush[]

  • "You're back to the crucible of combat!"
  • "Glad to see that you're not afraid to face some challenge."
  • "What will you try this time?"
  • "Time to choose your weapons!"
  • "How far will you go this time?"

Between bosses[]

  • "Well fought! But don't rest on your laurels, your next challenge awaits!"
  • "One down! Onto the next."
  • "Who will you face of against next? Fate will tell."
  • "Keep going!"

Winning Boss Rush[]

  • "To the victor, the spoils!"
  • "Congratulations! Here's your well-deserved reward."
  • "Impressive work for a skinny one like you!"
  • "You triumphed over impossible odds, you can be proud of yourself."
  • "It's a victory for the prisonner! Who would have thought?!"

Losing Boss Rush[]

  • "What a dismal defeat. Do better."
  • "You can't win them all... but at least try!"
  • "This one was painful..."
  • "Better luck next time... but remember that luck isn't everything."
  • "Win or win not, there is no try."