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Mimics are enemies found in the Bank.


Mimics disguise themselves within the shop of one of the merchants in the Bank. The merchant will act as normal until the player chooses to buy from the shop. After buying an item, the Mimic consumes the merchant and its disguise is revealed, attacking the player.

Once the Mimic is defeated, it will drop the item the player bought with improved rewards depending on what shop the Mimic was disguised as. If the item came from a food shop, the player receives two food items for what they payed for. If the item was from a weapon or a skill shop, the item receives two additional gear level then it normally would.[a]


Normal moveset.

Tongue Lash

  • Description: Lashes out with its tongue
  • Can be parried and dodged

Chain Whip

  • Description: Uses its chain as a whip.
  • Can be parried and dodged


  • Description: Swings its chain straight forward or in an angle to grab the player and pull them in. When hit the player is rooted for a few seconds.
  • Can be parried and dodged


  • Description: Bites when at close range to the player, often done after Chainhook when the player is stunned.
  • Can be parried and dodged

Special moveset[]

The mimic also hase a few special moves it can do depending on what kind of item the player bought.

Ranged Weapon[]


  • Description: Spits out body parts.
  • Can be parried and dodged

Melee Weapon[]

Sword attack

  • Description: Takes out a large sword, and slams it in front of itself after a long windup.
  • Can be interuppted.



  • Description: parries a melee hit and immediatly counter attacks.
  • Can be interuppted.

Health item[]


  • Description: Stops and eats body parts to heal itself. Happens in steps.
  • Can be interuppted.



  • Description: Portrudes spikes from its body in all directions.
  • Can be parried and dodged
  • Can be interuppted.




  • 2.8: Introduced.


  1. If the gear level of the Bank is 7, a weapon and skill shops would normally sell items of gear level 9. The Mimic on the other hand will drop an item of gear level 11.

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