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Mimics are enemies that are found in the Bank. At 1+ BSC, they have a chance of appearing in any other biome with a shop.

The Mimic is guaranteed to spawn in the Bank. Its presence outside of the Bank is given away by a lore room that will also spawn in the same biome. Behind a hidden tunnel, a Guillain can be found, covered in blood and holding a sword. He is surrounded by ripped bags and will explain that a bag has escaped.


Mimics disguise themselves as merchants in a shop. The merchant will act normal until the player buys from the shop. When the player confirms a purchase, the Mimic breaks its disguise, consumes the purchased item, and attacks the player. The other two items in the shop will also disappear at this point, so no other purchases can be made even after the Mimic is killed. In the Bank, the shop ATM will still be available.

Once the Mimic is defeated, it will drop the item the player bought but it will be improved, depending on what was bought. If it was a food item, its quantity will be doubled. If it was a gear item, it will receive two additional gear levels. [a]


Tongue Lash

  • Description: Lashes out with its tongue.
  • Can be parried and dodge rolled.

Chain Whip

  • Description: Uses its chain as a whip.
  • Can be parried and dodge rolled.

Chain Hook

  • Description: Throws the chain towards the player to grab and pull them in. It will root the player for a few seconds if the attack was successful.
  • Can be parried and dodge rolled.


  • Description: Bites when near the player, often done after Chain Hook when the player is stunned.
  • Can be parried and dodge rolled.

Special moveset[]

The mimic also has a few special moves it can use depending on what kind of item was bought.

Ranged Weapons[]


  • Description: Spits out body parts.
  • Can be parried and dodge rolled.

Melee Weapons[]

Sword attack

  • Description: Takes out a large sword, and slams it in front of itself after a long windup.
  • Can be interrupted.



  • Description: parries a melee hit and immediately counterattacks.
  • Can be interrupted.

Food or Flasks[]


  • Description: Stops and eats body parts to heal itself. Happens in steps.
  • Can be interrupted.



  • Description: Protrudes spikes from its body in all directions.


Mimics have high hit points, speed, and a varied moveset that they deploy aggressively. However, they only need to be fought if you make a purchase from a shop.

Players can use the walls of the shop to their advantage with the Spider Rune.


  • 2.8: Introduced.
  • 3.4: Now appears randomly in shops outside of the Bank.


  1. If the biome gear level is 7, a weapon or skill shop would normally sell items of gear level 9. But if it was an item from a Shop Mimic, then its gear level will be increased to 11.

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