Mutations are passive items that modify and increase the abilities of the player in various ways. They are obtained between levels from Guillain. Most are not initially available, so in order to unlock them, one must bring their blueprints to the Collector, then spend the required cells.


The player can only have a certain number of mutations at once. Each area cleared in a run allows one more mutation, up to a total of 3 (unless in custom mode, where many more can be picked). However, the player can spend gold between levels to remove all current mutations, allowing a new choice of mutations to replace the old set. The price to do this starts at 1,000 and doubles with each reset, until the cost reaches 8,000 gold, at which point it will stop increasing.

Most mutations are associated with and scale their benefits with a specific stat. That is, mutations' base damage and/or healing magnitudes are multiplied by 1.15n-1, where n is the current level of the appropriate stat, rounded to produce the final amount.

For example, if a Brutality mutation provides an extra 90 base DPS and the player's Brutality is 2, the final extra DPS is 90 × 1.152-1 = 90 × 1.15 = 103.5 ≈ 104). Note that damage and DPS bonuses from mutations are not affected by gear-specific damage bonuses or Affixes.

Colorless mutations have fixed benefits unaffected by Stats, except for Instinct of the Master of Arms and Gold Plating which scale on the highest stat.

List of mutations

There are 52 mutations in the game: 12 for Brutality, 12 for Tactics, 13 for Survival and 15 that are Colorless.

List of Brutality mutations

Icon Name Description Location Cell cost Cell Currency Icon.png
Killer Instinct Mutation Icon.png Killer Instinct Reduces the cooldown of your skills by [0.4 base, 3 max] seconds for each enemy killed in hand to hand combat. Always available N/A
Combo Mutation Icon.png Combo +[15% base] damage for 8 seconds after killing an enemy. Always available N/A
Vengeance Mutation Icon.png Vengeance +[60% base] damage dealt for 8 seconds and -30% damage taken for 3 seconds after taking damage. Always available N/A
Melee Mutation Icon.png Melee Melee attacks slow down enemies for [0.2 base, 0.8 max] seconds. The Concierge (5th kill) 50
Open Wounds Mutation Icon.png Open Wounds Your close combat attacks inflict bleeding ([18 base] DPS for 1.5 seconds) Lacerators (0.4%) 50
Tainted Flask Mutation Icon.png Tainted Flask Using a health flask adds +[20% base] damage to your attacks for 12 sec. If your flask is empty it will refill after killing [12 base, 4 min] "Elite" enemies. The Time Keeper (6th kill) 50
Adrenaline Mutation Icon.png Adrenaline Melee attacks restore a small amount of HP depending on attack damage for 5 sec after dodging an attack at the last moment. Rampagers (3+ BSC; 1.7%) 100
Frenzy Mutation Icon.png Frenzy Melee attacks restore a small amount of HP depending on attack damage as long as you have an active speed buff. Timed door in the Passage before Toxic Sewers 50
Scheme Mutation Icon.png Scheme Your next melee attack after using a skill inflicts +[200 base] damage. Sweepers (10%) 50
Initiative Mutation Icon.png Initiative Your first melee strike against an enemy inflicts +[100 base] damage. Royal Guards (10%) 50
Predator Mutation Icon.png Predator Killing an enemy with a melee strike makes you invisible for [1 base, 3.5 max] seconds. Automatons (10%) 50
Porcupack Mutation Icon.png Porcupack Rolling through enemies attacks them with the melee weapon in backpack for [75% base] of the usual damages. Rancid Rats (0.4%) 80

List of Tactics mutations

Icon Name Description Location Cell cost Cell Currency Icon.png
Support Mutation Icon.png Support +[10% base] damage if you're close to a deployed skill. Always available N/A
Parting Gift Mutation Icon.png Parting Gift Causes a bomb ([75 base] damage) to appear when you kill an enemy with a non-melee attack. Secret area in Graveyard 100
Tranquility Mutation Icon.png Tranquility +[25% base] damage if there are no enemies near you. Always available N/A
Ripper Mutation Icon.png Ripper Hand to hand attacks cause 6 arrows stuck in the attacked enemy to fall out, each one dealing [118 base] damage. Secret area in Promenade of the Condemned 100
Ranger's Gear Mutation Icon.png Ranger's Gear Your next ranged attack after using a skill inflicts [180 base] damage. Dancers (10%) 50
Barbed Tips Mutation Icon.png Barbed Tips Inflicts [32 base] dps per arrow stuck to enemies. Toxic Miasmas (10%) 80
Point Blank Mutation Icon.png Point Blank Close-ranged ranged attacks inflicts [40 base]% bonus damage. Corpulent Zombies (10%) 80
Networking Mutation Icon.png Networking Enemies with arrows stuck in them share [35% base, 75% max] of the damage they receive. Swarm Zombies (10%) 50
Crow's Foot Mutation Icon.png Crow's Foot Rolling leaves 3 crow's feet behind you (with a maximum of 9), inflicting [50 base] damage and slowing the enemies for 1.5 seconds. Inside a chest in a Challenge Rift 50
Tactical Retreat Mutation Icon.png Tactical Retreat Dodging an attack at the last moment slows down nearby enemies for [1 base, 3 max] seconds. Slammers (10%) 100
Hunter's Instinct Mutation Icon.png Hunter's Instinct Decreases skill cooldowns by [0.3 base, 2.5 max] seconds for each enemy killed without using melee attacks. Always available N/A
Acrobatipack Mutation Icon.png Acrobatipack Attacking with a ranged weapon, after rolling with a ranged weapon in your backpack fires a projectile of said weapon, dealing [25% base] of the usual damages. Demolishers (10%) 120

List of Survival mutations

Icon Name Description Location Cell cost Cell Currency Icon.png
Soldier's Resistance Mutation Icon.png Soldier's Resistance Increases your health by [7% base. 40% max]. Guardian Knights (1.7%) 100
Berserker Mutation Icon.png Berserker Killing an enemy with a melee attack reduces the damage you take by [10% base, 60% max] for 5 sec. Failed Experiments (4+ BSC; 0.4%) 100
Blind Faith Mutation Icon.png Blind Faith Reduces the cooldown on your skills by [2.8 base, 6 max] seconds with each successful parry. Always available N/A
Counterattack Mutation Icon.png Counterattack The attack following a successful parry inflicts +[210 base] damage. Always available N/A
What Doesn't Kill Me Mutation Icon.png What Doesn't Kill Me Recover [2% base, 6% max] HP after parrying a melee attack. Disgusting Worms (100%) 50
Necromancy Mutation Icon.png Necromancy Recover [0.3% base, 2.5% max] HP after killing an enemy, up to a maximum of 50% HP. Always available N/A
Extended Healing Mutation Icon.png Extended Healing Your health flask heals 85%, its effect is spread over 10 seconds and you deal +[25% base] damage during this time. Secret area in Ossuary 100
Gastronomy Mutation Icon.png Gastronomy The effect of food increases by +65%. If you recycle food you deal +[10% base] damage for 300 seconds. Conjunctivius (4th kill) 50
Spite Mutation Icon.png Spite Successful parries and reflected shots inflict [140 base] damage. Secret area in Passage to Toxic Sewers 100
Frostbite Mutation Icon.png Frostbite Enemies suffer [65 base] DPS while they are slowed down. Buzzcutters (10%) 100
Heart of Ice Mutation Icon.png Heart of Ice Attacking a frozen, stunned or rooted enemy at close range reduces skill cooldowns by [0.6 base, 2 max] seconds. Works with both melee and ranged weapons. Pirate Captains (10%) 50
Kill Rhythm Mutation Icon.png Kill Rhythm Alternate weapons to increase your attack speed by [15% base] in 2 seconds. Oven Knights (2+ BSC; 0.4%) 150
Armadillopack Mutation Icon.png Armadillopack Rolling also parries attack and projectiles with the shield in your backpack, for [50% base] of the usual damages. Thornies (1.7%) 100

List of Colorless mutations

Icon Name Description Location Cell cost Cell Currency Icon.png
Ygdar Orus Li Ox Mutation Icon.png Ygdar Orus Li Ox Depleted Mutation Icon.png Ygdar Orus Li Ox Saves you ONE TIME if you die prematurely while not cursed. Cannot be picked up after first mutation selection. Cannot be dropped once picked up, even if used. Always available N/A
Recovery Mutation Icon.png Recovery Time available to recover your health after a hit is multiplied by 3. Conjunctivius (5th kill) 50
Emergency Triage Mutation Icon.png Emergency Triage Health potions only restore 35% HP but their use speed is increased by 275% and it completely protects you for 1.5 sec. The Time Keeper (7th kill) 100
Velocity Mutation Icon.png Velocity Running speed duration bonus (for kill combo) multiplied by 3. The Time Keeper (5th kill) 50
Dead Inside Mutation Icon.png Dead Inside HP is increased by 50%, but the efficiency of all sources of healing (food, mutations or health potions) is cut in half. Lancers (4+ BSC; 1.7%) 100
Alienation Mutation Icon.png Alienation Reducing a curse restores 5% HP but increases the number of enemies required to lift the curse by 50%. The Concierge (7th kill) 50
Acceptance Mutation Icon.png Acceptance Amount of kills required to remove a curse is reduced by 50%, but consuming food curses you. Secret area in High Peak Castle 200
Masochist Mutation Icon.png Masochist Trap damage is capped at 10% of your max HP. When hit by a trap your movement speed increases by 20% for 20 sec. Secret area in Slumbering Sanctuary 100
Disengagement Mutation Icon.png Disengagement If your HP falls below 15%, a force field protects you for 5 sec. Can only be used every 120 sec. Secret area in Prisoners' Quarters 200
No Mercy Mutation Icon.png No Mercy Execute mobs under 15% health. Effect halved on bosses. Slashers (1.7%) 100
Instinct of the Master of Arms Mutation Icon.png Instinct of the Master of Arms Reduces the cooldown on your skills by [0.08 base, 1 max] sec with each critical hit. Always available N/A
Ammo Mutation Icon.png Ammo Ammo for your weapons is now 2 times what it was. The Concierge (6th kill) 50
Gold Plating Mutation Icon.png Gold Plating Lose gold instead of health when hit. The gold lost is proportional to the health loss prevented. Mimics (10%) 50
Get Rich Quick Mutation Icon.png Get Rich Quick Accumulate bonus gold for every enemy killed while you have an active speed boost and cash it in when it ends. Mimics (10%) 50
Midas' Blood Mutation Icon.png Midas' Blood Gain 3 gold per health points you lose. Gold Gorgers (1.7%) 50

Removed mutations

Icon Name Description Location Cell cost Cell Currency Icon.png Removed in
Sadism Mutation Icon.png Sadism +[75 base] DPS if a nearby enemy is taking poison, bleed or burn damage. Was dropped by Impaler (100%) 50 v1.1
Fireworks Technician Mutation Icon.png Fireworks Technician -[30% base, 80% max] cool down delay when using your Grenades. Always available N/A v1.1
Efficiency Mutation Icon.png Efficiency -[30% base, 80% max] cool down delay when using your skills. Always available N/A v1.1


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