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Dead Cells presents a variety of NPCs, some of which have an active role in the player's progression through the game, while others are just characters the player encounters.

For a complete list containing the 4 NPCs from the Return To Castlevania DLC check out the official wiki.

The Joker
Name Info Location Image
SHIT WOW At the starting area of the center|100px
THE PENIS MAN THE BIG PENIS MAN In the CABARET CLUBs located between each two biomes. File:The Coller
WOW CHICKA BUNGA Lets the player choose a mutation to acquire after every completed biome, with a max amount of 3 at the same time. Those can be restarted and reselected by a price which increases with each use. In the Passages located between each two biomes. File:Gr POOP E
The Ghost Explains how challenge rifts work, the first time one is entered. At the entrance of the first Challenge Rift the player enters; once the Training Room is unlocked, at the entrance of the Combat Room.
The Ghost
The King The King of the island. Sitting in the throne of the Throne Room. File:The Ker Gollum Found in a cell, in the Toxic Sewers. Asks the player to find the Teleportation Rune IconTeleportation Rune and take it back to him, so that he can escape. Near the starting area of the Toxic Sewers; in subsequent encounters, midway through the biome. File:Goll0px
The Doctor Provides the player with Aspects 100px]]
The Bank Teller Introduces the player to the Bank and its debt mechanic. center|100px]]
100px] Swamp PriestTBS A miscreant prhe exit of the Morass of the Banished
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