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This article contains spoilers regarding the true ending of the game. Discretion is advised.
The Alchemist mysteriously disappeared after the utter failure of his research.
The Observatory was state-of-the-art, and used only by the scientific elite of the island, which is to say, only the Alchemist.
The King's Alchemist used to conduct research on astronomy and astrology here (he was such a Sagittarius).

Astrolab Flag

The Observatory is a fourth boss biome exclusive to the Rise of the Giant DLC. It is the lair of the Collector, who is a hidden final boss in the game.

General information[]

Access and exit[]

The Observatory can only be accessed from the Astrolab, which can only be entered from the Throne Room through the 5 BSC door.

Enemy tier and gear level scaling[]

In the table below, you will find the gear level and enemy tier of the Observatory based on difficulty. Even though the Observatory can only be accessed on Hell difficulty there are enemy tiers set for lower difficulties.

Difficulty Normal Hard Very Hard Expert Nightmare/Hell
Enemy lvl tier 26 34 39 38 38
Enemy Health tier Base 34 39 47 47

Exclusive blueprints[]

Beating the Collector will award the following blueprint:

Collector Outfit and King Outfits[]

Beating the Collector will also reward the player with his outfit and the King's outfits. There are 2 King outfits, one is for defeating the Collector while possessing the King, the other is for finishing the fight without taking damage.


The Collector[]

See the main article for information about the Collector.



  • 1.2: Introduced.