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To all iOS and Android players. Please note that the information provided in this wiki will not be 100% accurate to your version of the game. The wiki is on-par with v2.3, while the mobile version is identical to v1.7.


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A well-prepared journey is the key to success!
Even heroes need to rest sometimes.
Taking care of one's equipment is of utmost importance...
Mutations are precious tools. Choose carefully...
A well-sharpened blade cuts deeper, so they say.
At last, a little rest...
The network linking the various parts of the island will bring you into contact with some rather... surprising individuals.
The Collector will provide you with invaluable assistance... if you can reach him!
Cells are a rare and precious resource. Almost worth dying for.
Aren't they cute with their big bags on their backs?
No. Nope. Really, it doesn't smell any better here than anywhere else on the island.
Slow and steady wins the race.
A forge that runs on cells. First time I've seen that!
It's not very bright, but at least there aren't any monsters here.
Could the Malaise have spared this part of the island?

The Passages are the areas where the player will find themselves when going in between areas. A passage will usually take the appearance of the biome it leads to. In every passage the player will find:

In the passages after boss biomes (Black Bridge, Insufferable Crypt, Nest, Clock Room and Guardian's Haven) the player will find the Legendary Forge where they can give cells to The Blacksmith for permanent upgrades to the quality of gear found during runs.