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Also known as the Early Access Landing Stage, all the last survivors on the island ended up here. Before they died.
Many stayed here waiting for a boat that never came.

The Pier was a temporary biome during early access as a provisional ending to successful runs. It was introduced as The Wharf in the Elemental Update.


There were two versions of the Pier:

  • The first, named the Wharf, the player met an NPC called the Fisherman. He would say:

    "Ohhh oh oh... The vessel you're looking for hasn't docked yet... Ohhh oh oh... There's nothing for you here, outsider... Goodbye, for now... Ohh ho ho ho ho..."

    He would then kill the player, letting him start a new run from the Prisoners' Quarters.
  • The second one, named the Pier, the player found a board with "work in progress" written on it, and beyond it a tube which he would enter after leaving its body to go back to the Prisoners' Quarters. When standing in front of the board, the player could read "WORK IN PROGRESS!" Good job! You made it to the (temporary) end of the game!".