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List of powers

Icon Name Description Blueprint location Base damage Base cooldown Scaling
Death Orb Icon.png Death Orb Creates a slow-moving but devastating orb. Drops from Cleavers (0.4%) 125 DPS
50 damage
20 seconds Health Stat.png
Tornado Icon.png Tornado Inflicts damage on all targets caught inside. Changes direction when it hits a wall. Drops from Guardian Knights (0.4%) 100 DPS
8 damage
18 seconds Skill Stat.png
Knife Dance Icon.png Knife Dance Launches a storm of knives around you, causing bleeding (40 DPS for 4 sec). Drops from Bats (0.4%) 40 (bleeding effect) DPS
5 (impact damage per knife) damage
16 seconds Str Skill.png
Corrupted Power Icon.png Corrupted Power Increase the damage you deal by +50% for 8 sec. You take +30% damage during this time. Drops from Protectors (0.4%) N/A 16 seconds Str Skill.png
Vampirism Icon.png Vampirism Sacrifices [40% base] of your maximum health to recover 2% of your HP per melee attack and a speed boost for 10 seconds. Drops from Inquisitors (0.4%) N/A 30 seconds Str Hp.png
Tonic Icon.png Tonic Grants you 40% of your missing health as bonus health, reduces damage taken by 20% for 9 seconds. Always unlocked N/A 30 seconds Health Stat.png
Grappling Hook Icon.png Grappling Hook Pulls an enemy towards you. The next attack on this enemy inflicts +40% damage and stuns for 1 sec.
Yes, just like Scorpion...
Drops from Catchers (0.4%) 1 (hook impact) damage 3 seconds Strength Stat.png
Phaser Icon.png Phaser Teleports you behind the enemy. The next attack inflicts +70 damage. Drops from Runners (0.4%) 70 damage 2 seconds Str Skill.png
Corrosive Cloud Icon.png Corrosive Cloud Creates a toxic cloud that lasts 15 sec, inflicting bleed and poison damage (8 DPS for 2 sec). Drops from Swarm Zombies (0.4%) N/A 20 seconds Str Skill.png
Lacerating Aura Icon.png Lacerating Aura Inflicts damage on nearby targets. Daily Run - Fifth Completion 77 DPS
7.7 (damage tick) damage
12 seconds Str Skill.png
Wave of Denial Icon.png Wave of Denial Repels all nearby enemies. If an enemy is thrown against a wall, it takes +90 damage. Drops from Bombardiers (0.4%) 30 damage 5 seconds Skill Stat.png
Wings of the Crow Icon.png Wings of the Crow Causes you to float in the air dealing 50 shock DPS around you for 3 seconds.
Drops from Golems (10%) 75 DPS
50 damage
15 seconds Skill Stat.png
Blueprint Extractor Icon.png Blueprint Extractor Use this on an enemy transformed by the "Hunter's Grenade" that has less than 40% health left. The Collector - through Specialist's Showroom upgrade N/A N/A Skill Stat.png
Forgotten Map Icon.png Forgotten Map Reveals your surroundings. Only works once. The Collector - through Specialist's Showroom upgrade N/A N/A Skill Stat.png
Great Owl of War Icon.png
Great Owl of War Powered Icon.png
Great Owl of War Summon a Great Owl pet (32 DPS). Activating this skill again will anger the Great Owl (95 DPS). The Great Owl disappears if you take any damage. Drops from Knife Throwers (1+ BSC; 0.4%) 32 (95) DPS
10 seconds (34 seconds) Skill Stat.png
Lightspeed Icon.png Lightspeed Dash forward and inflicts 100 damage to the enemies on the way. Activate again to dash back.
Look behind you!
I said "Behind"
Drops from the Time Keeper (1st kill) 100 damage 7-10 seconds Str Skill.png
Giant Whistle Icon.png Giant WhistleRotG Inflict 500 damage to the most dangerous enemy around... most dangerous ACCORDING to the Giant.
Give me five!
Drops from the Giant (3rd kill) 500 damage 20 seconds Health Stat.png
Telluric Shock Icon.png Telluric Shock Leap in the air and violently land back on the ground to inflict 150 damage to the enemies around.
Ready to rumble?
Drops from the Hand of the King (1st kill) 150 damage 10 seconds Str Hp.png
Collector's Syringe Icon.png
Contains spoilersCollector's SyringeRotG Spin the syringe around you to inflict damage. Activate again to add 40 DPS (up to 5 times) and 5 secs, for a mere few cells.
Become the Spin Doctor.
Drops from the Collector (1st kill) 40-240 DPS
4-24 damage
20 seconds Str Hp.png
Smoke Bomb Icon.png Smoke BombTBS Releases a cloud of smoke making you invisible for 8 seconds. The first invisible attack inflicts +50% damage. Drops from the Banished (0.4%) +50% (item boost) damage 16 seconds Str Skill.png
Mushroom Boi! Icon.png
Mushroom Boi! Powered Icon.png
Mushroom Boi!TBS Spawns a friendly mushroom boi which charges and interrupts enemies inflicting 50 damage and 100 extra damage if the enemy hits a wall. Trigger it again to inflict 300 damage and violate your soul. Drops from Jerkshrooms (100%) 50 damage 1 second (25 seconds) Health Stat.png
Lightning Rods Icon.png Lightning RodsFF Place up to 2 lightning rods to attract lightning that strikes all enemies in between. Drops from Failed Homunculi (1.7%) 30 (60) DPS
75 (150) damage
15 seconds Skill Stat.png
Ice Armor Icon.png Ice ArmorRotG Covers you in ice that absorbs one attack and explodes freezing nearby enemies. If you don't take a hit it explodes after 8 seconds.
So that's what they mean by "Well preserved"?
Drops from Ground Shakers (100%) 10 damage 20-30 seconds Health Stat.png
Scarecrow's Sickles Icon.png Scarecrow's SicklesFF Comes back to you automatically. Inflicts increasingly severe critical hits after each hit.
Perfect for pruning everything that sticks out.
Drops from the Scarecrow (1st kill) 166 (273) DPS
52 damage
10 seconds Skill Hp.png
Serenade Icon.png
Serenade Powered Icon.png
SerenadeFF Summons a flying sword that will mark enemies, trigger it again to inflict critical hits on them while holding the weapon, and vice-versa! The sword will vanish after 30 sec if you don't hit the marked enemies. Secret area in the Fractured Shrines 30 (600) DPS
22 (440) damage
30 seconds Strength Stat.png
Cocoon Icon.png CocoonFF Parries all around you dealing 30 damage. A successful parry resets the cooldown. Found behind one of the three special rune doors in the Undying Shores 30 (60 on a successful parry) damage 12 seconds (instant if parry is successful) Skill Hp.png
Face Flask Icon.png Face Flask Crush a flask on your forehead, dealing low damage to yourself.
Smashing red stuff in your own face is NEVER a good idea, ask the people of Tristram.
Lore room in the Prisoners' Quarters 5 damage 10 seconds Strength Stat.png
Pollo Power Icon.png Pollo Power Turn into a chicken for a brief moment, firing several explosive eggs around you.
The cluck is ticking.
Lore room in the Prisoners' Quarters 40 damage 10 seconds Skill Stat.png
Leghugger Icon.png
Leghugger Powered Icon.png
LeghuggerTQatS Summon a Leghugger that attacks your enemies, inflicting critical hits on bleeding targets. Re-activate to make it attack in a circle around itself, making enemies hit bleed.
The creature feeds by attacking your enemies. Once sated, it evolves into its stronger adult state.
Bloodthirsty and cute, what more could you ask?
Lore room in Stilt Village 20 (40) DPS
10 seconds Str Skill.png
RotG: Rise of the Giant DLC
TBS: The Bad Seed DLC
FF: Fatal Falls DLC
TQatS: The Queen and the Sea DLC