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In the social hierarchy of the island, there are the dogs, the rats, and just below them, the prisoners.
~ Prisoners' Quarters loading screen

The Prisoners are people who were locked away by the King due to suspicion of infection by the Malaise.

Scattered throughout the world, the Beheaded can find the bodies and the desperate writings on the walls of the prisoners. On occasion, the Beheaded can also find living prisoners, still locked up behind doors.


Locked prisoner[]

A prisoner locked in a cell can be found in either the Prisoners' Quarters or Promenade of the Condemned. The prisoner first calls out to the Beheaded, only to realise who they are speaking to. They jest about the fact that they are on "the right side of the door for once", before speaking to himself about how they didn't joke around. Kicking at the door afterwards yields no response.[1]

Flooded prisoner[]

A prisoner who is locked in a flooded cell can be found in the Ramparts or the Prisoners' Quarters. He gets the Beheaded's attention, and complains about the water. He them exclaims that he felt something touch his leg, and then they call out for help. The sounds of them being murdered by some creature is heard, before they are rendered unresponsive.[2]

Mushroomologist prisoner[]

Tom the Mushroomologist, a drug dealer, dealt psychotropic mushrooms to the other prisoners. He was able to turn a pretty good profit, but no signs of his current whereabouts exist.[3]

Hanged prisoner[]

A prison cell full of flowers can be found, where a prisoner hung himself.[4]

  • There is a black potted plant on the left side of their room. Upon being interacted with by the Beheaded, it is revealed that the pot has a label on it which reads, Do not water after midnight.
    • The Beheaded then states, That thing looks less like a flower than an experiment gone horribly wrong.
    • Do not water after midnight, this may be a reference to American comedy horror "Gremlins", where creature called mogwai shall not be fed after midnight.
    • This plant seems related to the third Gardener's key.
  • Upon inspecting the prisoner's mattress, All the fabric from the bed seems to have been torn up and used elsewhere.
    • It is assumed that the torn up pieces were used to make their noose.
  • Upon inspection of the white flower in the center of the room, A whole bunch of plants that seem to have a bit underwatered recently followed by the Beheaded saying Looks like this guy loved flowers.
  • Upon inspecting the hanged prisoner, Guess he wanted to choose the time of his death. followed by He's holding a faded flower between his fingers. "A moment of silence..." Nah! I've got better things to do!
    • The Beheaded then kicks the corpse, revealing an amulet.

Biome specific[]

Prisoners' Quarters[]

  • A message on the wall of an empty cell contains an unfinished message, which reads "Why... filling the prison with innoc".[5]
  • A prisoner managed to escape from their cell and left a messy message. The tangible parts of the writing reads "Don't want... contaminated... out of here... see you again. I hope. The 'Malise'. ...not infected. won't die"[6].

Promenade of the Condemned[]

  • Prisoner 545 died from exhaustion and hunger as he made his way through a cavern that was below a well.[7]

Toxic Sewers[]

  • A dead prisoner can be found, who was presumably killed by Conjunctivius.[8]
  • A prisoner can be found behind a large set of bars. He will get the Beheaded's attention, before asking them to find "my rune". Before the elite who drops the teleport rune, he appears again, and encourages them to fight the elite. Once the Beheaded absorbs the rune and encounters him at a later date, he will demand that they give it to him. When he realises that the rune has been absorbed, he gets angry. Every time he is encountered again, he will try to grab at the Beheaded, which will result in him being flipped off by it.