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Protectors are unique enemies that appear to be some sort of enchanted training dummy. They do nothing on their own, but protect other nearby enemies from harm.


Protectors don't move, can't be aggravated, and can't attack. The only thing they can do is give nearby enemies force fields, making them invulnerable.


Generate force field

  • Description: Generates a force field around all enemies in a large radius. Periodically shuts down.
  • Enemies with the force field are immune to damage and all attacks will bounce off of it. Status effects and abilities that are already "stuck" on the enemy will not be removed by the force field.
  • Does not affect Bats, Kamikazes, Golems, Demons, and other Protectors.
  • Freezing or stunning the Defender will disable the force fields.

Protector in-game 1

Protector in-game 1


Protectors are extremely high-priority targets. While they are active, it becomes extremely difficult to fight anything else nearby. While their force fields don't have a 100% uptime, the time frame of vulnerability is small, often not enough to kill an enemy before it goes back up again.

While the Protector is generating the force fields, there is a lightning effect between it and the enemies. Pay close attention to where it's coming from to find the Protector.

You can lure enemies outside of the Protector's range to disable their force fields. This strategy is especially important against larger enemy packs in higher difficulties where enemies can chase you if you try to rush in to kill the Protector.


  • Despite being humanoid and appearing to face to the left, these enemies do not count as having an orientation or a "back" meaning the Assassin's Dagger or Vorpan can't get a critical hit on them.
  • It is possible to move the protector and in some cases allow it take fall damage. This is evident with Spartan Sandals, Shovel, and basically anything that is able to push it.


  • This enemy used to be named Defender.
    • Interestingly, the title "Defender" would later be given to enemies carrying the Protector in the Astrolab. They act like mobile Protector that can attack, but will only protect one enemy a time.
  • The character design is a clear reference to the training dummy from the first area of every run in Rogue Legacy.


  • 0.0: Introduced.

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