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To keep things exciting, the guards sometimes threw condemned prisoners from the Ramparts. There's definitely nothing worse than the screams of someone who knows they're headed for the edge.
The guards would perch themselves on the Ramparts at the first sign of the Malaise... It didn't really help.
Once, some poor sod tried to escape over the Ramparts... He died of exhaustion during the climb, so the guards left his body on the wall to make sure everyone got the message.

Ramparts flag

The Ramparts are a third level biome. This series of towers lays high within the sky of the island, rising into the air. The glow of a beautiful sunset does not match the current state of these towers, sadly. After they no longer could hold the prisons, the guards retreated to the Ramparts. Now, however, the current state of disrepair is a telltale sign that this retreat did not work.

When they still held these towers, sometimes prisoners would be thrown from the Ramparts, and the devices would be used for mindless torture. Even if one had made it through that horrible prison, or through the sewers and the yard, the climb would be the one to introduce them to their doom.

General information[]

Access and exit[]

The Ramparts can be accessed from the Promenade of the Condemned, Toxic Sewers, or the Dilapidated Arboretum. In the case of the first two, the Vine Rune IconVine Rune is required. When playing with 1 or more BSC active, a door in the Corrupted Prison can also lead to this biome, which itself requires having the Spider Rune IconSpider Rune.


There are two exits out of the Ramparts. The main exit leads to the Black Bridge where the Concierge awaits. This exit can spawn either at the bottom of any underground tower section, or in a specific tower located at the far right end of the level. A hint on the surface of the Ramparts indicates which of these options has been generated: the presence of a wooden platform, indicates that the exit is in an underground section to the right, but not at the far end of the level. Conversely, the absence of this structure guarantees that the exit is located at the far right.

With at least 3 BSC active, a door which leads to the Insufferable Crypt can be accessed, where Conjunctivius awaits. Additionally, this door can spawn behind rune-locked areas.

Customization Rune[]


The Elite Zombie holding the Customization rune.

An Elite Zombie can be found here which drops the Customization Rune IconCustomization Rune, which unlocks Custom Mode in the main menu. This Elite disappears after being defeated once.

Level characteristics[]


The Ramparts contains 5 scrolls, including 3 Power Scroll and 2 Dual-stat scrolls, which cannot spawn in areas requiring the Teleport, Ram or Spider runes. On (2+ BSC) there is a bonus Power scroll. When 3 Boss Stem Cells are active, this biome has 1 guaranteed Scroll Fragment, and when 4/5 Boss Stem Cells are active, this biome has 2 guaranteed Scroll Fragments.

Enemy tier and gear level scaling[]

In the table below, you will find the gear level and enemy tier of the Ramparts based on difficulty.

Difficulty Normal Hard Very Hard Expert Nightmare/Hell
Gear level III III III IV VI
Enemy lvl tier 7 - 13 11 - 17 12 - 17 14 - 19 16 - 21
Enemy Health tier Base 9 - 12 14 - 18 16 - 21 17 - 22

Loot and shops[]

Main level[]

Boss Stem Cells rewards[]

Exclusive blueprints[]

Secret areas[]


The secret passage leading to the Nerves of Steel blueprint.


The secret tower containing the Stun Grenade blueprint (here, an amethyst spawned in its place).

The blueprints for the Stun Grenade IconStun Grenade and Nerves of Steel IconNerves of Steel bow are found in secret areas located at the far right end of the Ramparts. The structures that hold these blueprints are not guaranteed to spawn, therefore it may require a number of runs to get them.

Note that if any of these blueprints are present, the exit to the Black bridge will not be located at the end of the level, but rather at the bottom of one of the underground sections.

The first Moonflower KeyMoonflower Key can also be found here in a secret room, which is needed to access the 3+ BSC Acceptance Mutation IconAcceptance and requires a Gardener's KeyGardener's Key to reach.

Enemy blueprints[]

The blueprint for the mutation Scheme Mutation IconScheme can be looted from Sweepers.


In the Ramparts, you will find plenty of Undead Archers, Inquisitors, Shieldbearers, Zombies and Buzzcutters, Sweepers, the last of these being unique to this biome. On higher difficulties, Demolishers, Bombers, Rampagers and Cannibals respectively replace Archers, Zombies, Inquisitors and Slashers. From 2-3 BSC onwards, the Ramparts therefore become a particularly dangerous place.

In the table below, you will find which enemies are present in the Ramparts depending on difficulty level. For each enemy, any common, uncommon, rare or legendary blueprints they carry are indicated. When applicable, the minimum difficulty level for blueprint acquisition is specified in brackets.

Enemy Normal Hard Very Hard Expert Nightmare/Hell
Undead Archer Bow and Endless Quiver, Infantry Bow, Ice Bow, Skeleton Outfit
Shieldbearer Rampart, Bloodthirsty Shield, Ice Shield
Buzzcutter Spite Sword, Frostbite
Inquisitor Lightning Bolt, Vampirism, Mage Outfit (2+ BSC)
Sweeper Scheme
Slasher Cluster Grenade, Heavy Turret, No Mercy, Demon Outfit (3+ BSC)
Demolisher Acrobatipack, Arbalester's Outfit
Oven Knight Kill Rhythm, Oven Axe
Rampager Adrenaline


Alchemist grimoires[]

Main article: The Alchemist

The Alchemist grimoire in this area reads:

  • "All the species found in these areas seem changed."
  • "Was it insects that spread the Malaise all over the island?"

The Beheaded also mentions how the drawings on the walls, of each bug, are sorted in a very specific order:

  • "A whole collection of insects carefully classified and lined up in nice straight rows."
  • "And classified by type."
  • "And by size."
  • "..."
  • "And in alphabetical order."
  • "The person who worked in this office was certainly... thorough."


A dead woman can occasionally be found hanging from a gallows by a chain. The Beheaded makes note of this as well as an amulet she is still clutching, and then takes it:

  • "A young woman."
  • "Prisoner 6541."
  • "She’s clutching something in her fist."

A row of three hanged prisoners, suspected of infection, from a gallows by a chain can be found:

  • "A man, about forty years old."
  • "Can't really be sure."
  • "Suspected infection"

The second:

  • "Suspected infection"

The third:

  • "This one was either a dwarf, or she was no more than 10 or 12 years old."
  • "Let's just say she was a dwarf."
  • "suspected infection"

Their personal belongings can also be found:

  • "It was supposed to burn, but a few things seem to have survived."
  • "Oh, interesting."

A sign can be found with the writing:

  • "Live target training"

Next to the sign, is a bag of arrows:

  • "A supply of bows and arrows."
  • "Hmm?"

Across from the sign and bag of arrows is a prisoner, dead with an arrow through their head:

  • "Only one arrow hit the target."
  • "Right in the head."

Behind the prisoner are many arrows:

  • "The prison's archers were really useless..."

Orders of the King[]

An order from the King to the guards says to imprison anyone showing signs of the Malaise. This can also be found in the Promenade of the Condemned.

Another order from the King says to the guards:

  • "If the cells are overpopulated, use the outdoor jails or the oubliettes. Leave no suspects unsupervised."

This implies prison cells were becoming full from too many imprisonments. This can also be found in the Promenade of the Condemned.



  • 0.0: Introduced.