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The Scythe Claw is a dual melee weapon exclusive to the Bad Seed DLC. It consists of the Scythe Claw and the Left Scythe Claw. It takes up two weapon slots, as it has two different attacks which deal devastating critical hits if you alternate between them.


  • Special Effects:
    • Alternating attacks between the each claw will inflict extremely strong critical hits, as long as they consistently hit enemies each time.
      • However, getting hit while charging the swing will reset the critical hit.
    • The Scythe Claw will ignore shields from Shieldbearers and Oven Knights if multiple enemies along with them are struck with one attack.
    • Both claws have a "shockwave" effect that damages enemies behind any enemy struck with them. The shockwave deals roughly half the damage of the actual hit.

Scythe Claw[]

  • Breach Bonus: 2 / 2
    • Base Breach Damage: 225 / 360 (675 / 1440)
    • Base Breach DPS: 357 (1290)
  • Combo Duration: 1.64 seconds
    • First Hit: 0.82 (0.57 + 0.25)
    • Second Hit: 0.82 (0.57 + 0.25)
    • Tags: DualWeaponBase, HeavyWeapon
    • Legendary Version:
    • Forced Affix: Poison on Hit
      • "Poisons the enemy."

Left Scythe Claw[]

  • Breach Bonus: 2 / 2
    • Base Breach Damage: 450 / 750 (2700 / 3000)
    • Base Breach DPS: 609 (2893)
  • Combo Duration: 1.97 seconds
    • First Hit: 0.97 (0.77 + 0.2)
    • Second Hit: 1 (0.75 + 0.25)
    • Tags: DualWeaponOffhand, HeavyWeapon
    • Legendary Version:
    • Forced Affix: Poison on Hit
      • "Poisons the enemy."


  • Synergises very strongly with the mutation Kill Rhythm Mutation Icon.png Kill Rhythm as alternating attacks will have significantly faster attack speed while also dealing critical damage.


  • The Scythe Claw is unique in that it was the first melee weapon to scale purely with a stat other than Brutality.
  • Finding the weapon on the ground will only show the Scythe Claw, however upon picking it up you will get both claws while dropping any other weapons your were holding.
  • The Left Scythe Claw's crit has the highest base damage of any weapon in the game (the highest damage dealt in a single hit), even surpassing that of the Giantkiller Icon.png Giantkiller when facing elite enemies or bosses, the Cursed Sword, and the Broadsword.



  • 1.7: Introduced.
  • 2.1: Now can have different affixes on each part.
  • 2.3:
    • Scythe Claw base DPS reduced from 119 (430) to 85 (311).
    • Left Scythe Claw base DPS reduced from 203 (964) to 165 (767).
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