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Serenade is a power skill which summons a friendly flying sword. It is exclusively obtained from the Fatal Falls DLC.


  • Special Effects:
    • Summons a possessed sword that follows the player.
      • The sword will slash at nearby enemies in a wide arc.
      • If 30 seconds pass without a marked enemy being hit, the sword simply returns to the player's inventory and the skill starts a cooldown of 30 seconds.
    • Using the skill again while already summoned will recall it, allowing it to be held as a melee weapon.
      • Temporarily replaces the weapon that corresponds to the skill slot that Serenade is placed in.
        • For example: left skill slot will replace left weapon slot.
      • Pauses the unsummon timer while held.
    • Any strike made against an enemy will apply a mark to them, depending on whether they were struck by the flying sword or by the held sword; it is indicated by a Serenade mark red.png red sword status icon for the former, and a Serenade mark blue.png blue icon for the latter. Marks can stack multiple times.
    • Strikes made while the opposite mark is applied will result in a critical hit, removing one mark and resetting the unsummon timer to 30 seconds.
  • Tags: Pet, PetBuff, TransformOnUse, ManualCooldown

As Melee Weapon[]

  • Base DPS: 53 (159)
  • Base Combo Damage: 75 (225)
    • First Hit: 20 (60)
    • Second Hit: 25 (75)
    • Third Hit: 30 (90)
  • Base Breach Damage: 22 / 30 / 39 (66 / 90 / 117)
  • Base Breach DPS: 65 (194)
  • Combo Duration: 1.41 seconds
  • First Hit: 0.43 (0.2 + 0.23)
  • Second Hit: 0.42 (0.16 + 0.26)
  • Third Hit: 0.56 (0.26 + 0.3)
  • Tags: IgnoreDoubleItemRestriction

As Power skill[]

  • Base DPS: 30 (360)
  • Base Combo Damage: 54 (648)
    • First Hit: 22 (264)
    • Second Hit: 32 (384)
  • First Hit: 1.1 (1.1 + 0)
  • Second Hit: 0.7 (0 + 0.7)
  • Tags: PetBuff, ManualCooldown


In the Fractured Shrines there is an island that can be reached by platforming over invisible platforms; the rain splashes reveal their location. After that, there is a small gauntlet of traps that leads to a temple blocked by three layers of breakable floor thus requiring the Ram Rune Icon.png Ram Rune to get inside.

In the building, there is a Stone Warden guarding a door which leads to a unique treasure room with a vault inside. Opening the vault will free Serenade, forcing it onto a skill slot. The blueprint itself goes in your inventory and still needs to be delivered to the Collector.


  • It is possible to obtain two Serenades (if one is legendary) and to use one as a melee weapon and the other as a summoned skill. This way, constant critical hits can be dealt to marked enemies, while avoiding the ability cooldown.


  • 2.2: Introduced.
  • 2.3:
    • Fixed Serenade sometimes eating the main weapon.
    • Fixed Serenade resetting the other power's cooldown.
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