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Serenade is a power skill/melee weapon which summons a friendly flying sword. It is exclusively obtained from the Fatal Falls DLC.


  • Special Effects:
    • Summons a possessed sword that follows the player. The sword will slash at nearby enemies in a wide arc.
      • If 30 seconds pass without a marked enemy being hit, the sword simply returns to the player's inventory and the skill starts a cooldown of 30 seconds.
    • Using the skill again while already summoned will recall it, allowing it to be held as a melee weapon.
      • Temporarily replaces the weapon that corresponds to the skill slot that Serenade is placed in.
        • For example the left skill slot will replace the left weapon slot.
      • Pauses the unsummon timer while held.
    • Any strike made against an enemy will apply a mark to them, depending on whether they were struck by the flying sword or by the held sword; it is indicated by a Serenade mark red red sword status icon for the former, and a Serenade mark blue blue icon for the latter. Marks can stack up to 5 times.
    • Strikes made while the opposite mark is applied will result in a critical hit, removing one mark and resetting the unsummon timer to 30 seconds.

As power skill[]

  • Breach Bonus: -0.4 / -0.3 / -0.3
    • Combo Duration: 2.8 seconds
      • First Hit: 1.1 (1.1 + 0 + 0)
      • Second Hit: 0.7 (0.7 + 0 + 0)
      • Third Hit: 1 (1 + 0 + 0)
    • Tags: Pet, PetBuff, TransformOnUse, ManualCooldown
    • Legendary Version:
      • Forced Affix: Durability Up
        • "Stays active indefinitely."

    As melee weapon[]

    • Breach Bonus: 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3
      • Base Breach Damage: 22 / 30 / 39 (66 / 90 / 117)
      • Base Breach DPS: 65 (194)
    • Combo Duration: 1.41 seconds
      • First Hit: 0.43 (0.2 + 0.23 + 0)
      • Second Hit: 0.42 (0.16 + 0.26 + 0)
      • Third Hit: 0.56 (0.26 + 0.3 + 0)
    • Tags: IgnoreDoubleItemRestriction


    In the Fractured Shrines there is an island that can be reached by platforming over invisible platforms; the rain splashes reveal their location. After that, there is a small gauntlet of traps that leads to a temple that can be entered either through the top 3 breakable floors or through the other side where a door is.

    In the building, there is a Stone Warden guarding a door which leads to a unique treasure room with a vault inside. Opening the vault will free Serenade, forcing it onto a skill slot. The blueprint itself goes in your inventory and still needs to be delivered to the Collector.


    • It is possible to obtain two Serenades (if one is legendary) and to use one as a melee weapon and the other as a summoned skill. This way, constant critical hits can be dealt to marked enemies, while avoiding the ability cooldown.
    • Summoning Serenade alongside another pet-like skill (Great Owl of War, Mushroom Boi!, etc) will cause the Serenade to destroy the other pet immediately and begin its cooldown while gaining the achievement "Me, Jealous?". This only occurs in passages between biomes.
    • Petting Serenade three times will result in Serenade stabbing the player.
      • If one has the Return to Castlevania DLC, there is a unique interaction between Serenade and Maria's Cat. When Serenade attacks, Maria's Cat dodges, then retaliates, instead destroying Serenade and beginning its cooldown. The Beheaded will then approach and pet the cat, seemingly happy for it being the one pet to retaliate.
    • Serenade in the Skill slot and Weapon slot count as different weapons for the purposes of upgrading at the blacksmiths apprentice between biomes, it seems. Taking Serenade into your weapon slot after summoning it allows you to upgrade and change the affix's of the weapon form separate from the skill form. Unknown if this is intentional or not.
      • It seems this is buggy. Serenade does not appear to be meant to function like this, in fact sometimes losing affix's when it enters its main weapon state and upgrading the weapon form in the next room after the skill is upgraded. Only specific Affix's behave this way it seems. +Damage to Poisoned Targets being one of them.


    • 2.2: Introduced.
    • 2.3: Fixed Serenade sometimes eating the main weapon.
      • Fixed Serenade resetting the other power's cooldown.
    • 3.0: Added the Legendary Affix "Durability Up".
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