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Shockers are stationary enemies found in the Ossuary, Corrupted Prison, Forgotten Sepulcher (0 BSC only) and Fractured ShrinesFF (1+ BSC).


Shockers are static, and will not teleport to follow the player on 4+ BSC. Their only attack is to generate an aura around it if there is a valid target.

Shockers are also resistant to poison and bleeding damage.

When using the Blueprint Grenade, it will turn into an Elite Zombie.


Lightning aura

  • Description: Charges up and creates a damaging aura in a large radius around it. Hits multiple times.
  • Cannot be blocked, parried, or dodge rolled.
  • Can hit through walls and platforms.




  • If you see a Shocker out in the open, they can easily be killed out of reach with a ranged weapon. If the Shocker is in a confined area, you will need to exercise more caution against them.
  • It's best to kill a Shocker with burst damage before it can attack. Most weapons should be able to kill them quickly but if you're not dealing enough damage, then you might need to use a heavy damage dealing skill. Slow effects like Melee Mutation IconMelee are also effective against them, giving you more time to hit them before they charge up.
  • If you can't kill a Shocker fast enough, then hit it a few times and retreat outside of their radius before they could attack and try again.
  • Shockers are immobile and can't chase you, so they should always be dealt with solo after you've taken care of other nearby enemies, if not ignored entirely.
  • Since they are immune to Poison and Bleeding damage, weapons like the Alchemic Carbine IconAlchemic Carbine or the Throwing Knife IconThrowing Knife are not very effective against them. They also don't have a front or back, so the Vorpan IconVorpan and Assassin's Dagger IconAssassin's Dagger are also weaker against them.


  • 0.0: Introduced.
  • 0.1: Added telegraph for AoE attack range.
  • 0.3: Frequency decreased.
  • 1.6: Attack charge time slightly increased.

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