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Skeletons are enemies found in the Cavern that wear noticeably large boots, the bottoms of which seem to be searing hot. They are exclusive to the Rise of the Giant DLC.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Skeletons will aggro as soon as they see the player or when damages. Once they are aggroed, it will perform its stomp attack until it no longer detects the player.

Skeletons are immune to all crowd control effects (Stun, freeze, root and slow).

Moveset[edit | edit source]


  • Description: Charges up and continuously jumps up and down, creating shockwaves with each landing.
  • Cannot be blocked, parried, or dodge rolled.



Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Skeleton's only method of attack has a long startup, but the multiple shockwaves it creates are very hard to avoid. If you can't kill it with one combo before it can use its stomp, disengage immediately and wait for it to stop attacking before approaching it again. With ranged you have a bit more time before you need to run away, but for melee you should run away earlier.

Always try to be close to a different platform to run away to, where the shockwaves can't reach you.

Unlike most other enemies where rooting an enemy and hitting from behind will prevent them from attacking, you cannot stop a Skeleton from using its attack. You can't interrupt its attack either, so pure damage is the only thing that matters when fighting a Skeleton.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Skeletons were added with the v1.4 update, aka Who's the Boss Update in August 2019 as an enemy deriving from The Giant.
  • Despite being named Skeleton, they do not drop the Skeleton Outfit.

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