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Slashers are enemies encountered in the Ossuary, Prison Depths, Morass of the Banished, the Ramparts, and Fractured Shrines. One of them is also one of the key guardians of High Peak Castle, and they can be summoned by The Hand of the King in the Throne Room. With 1 BSC activated, they will start to appear in the Ramparts and Morass of the Banished.


When a Slasher spots the player, they will very quickly dash to the player to get in melee range. Once they are in melee range, they will initiate their slash combo attack.

If a stunning attack pins the player against a wall, the Slasher can chain-attack before dodge or attack inputs are registered - resulting in a subsequent stun. This tends to result in the death of the player, as it becomes impossible to avoid once this sequence begins.

Speaking of stun, it's worthy to note that upon being stunned, the combo is NOT interuptted

After engaging the player, the Slasher temporarily moves faster. Although this sequence is minor, it should be taken account for.


Slash combo

  • Description: Slashes twice, then charges up for the third slash to release a shockwave.
  • Can be blocked, parried and dodge rolled.
  • Can turn around between each slash.




While predictable, their attacks deal a lot of damage, they can engage combat very quickly, and are fairly tanky. No matter where they are encountered, Slashers should be fought with caution.

Their attacks have long reach and they can turn around between each slash. Rolling behind them as they are about to do their first slash is a very easy way to get hit. Instead, one should roll away from them and wait for them to start charging their third slash and roll behind it. One can also roll behind and jump away from the second slash, but this method is riskier and is only possible if a Slasher is very close. One should do this even with ranged weapons as the shockwave has a lot of range. However, the shockwave can only travel across the same floor, so they can be attacked from a different platform while their attack is charging, even if they are facing the player. Be prepared to dodge once they finish their combo, however, since they can close the distance quickly.

Parrying is also effective against Slashers. Their attack is fairly telegraphed.

Slow effects are very effective against Slashers, giving ample time to dodge each individual slash. The player can roll behind the first slash without getting hit while a Slasher is slowed.

Even if the player is out of range to parry the swipe, the third attack shockwave can be parried.


  • 0.0: Introduced.

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