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Stone Wardens are statue-like enemies found in the Fractured ShrinesFF guarding the entrances to treasure rooms. When the player gets close to them, they come alive and start attacking the player. When defeated the door they are guarding will open. They are exclusive to the Fatal Falls DLC.


Stone Wardens start off frozen in stone, not dissimilar to the enemies in the background of the Slumbering Sanctuary before it is awakened. They awake from their stone slumber once the player walks close enough to them. The player can bypass them by simply not waking them, though the player thereby consents to not being able to reach the rewards found in the treasure rooms.

Stone Wardens attack in two ways, by either swinging their stone axe or by stomping the ground and producing a damaging wall of stone.


Axe swing

  • Description: Swings its stone axe in a wide arc.
  • Can be blocked, parried, and dodge rolled.

Telluric stomp

  • Description: Stomps the ground and produces a rock barrier.
  • Can be blocked and dodge rolled.


When the Stone Warden is about to use the Telluric Stomp, it will telegraph by lifting one of its feet, and it will telegraph its axe swing by pulling its arms and axe backward to swing. Since both attacks can be jumped over and are lower to the ground, if you drop from above or can stay in the air in any way with things like Wings of the Crow IconWings of the Crow, or the built-in stall from the Electric Whip IconElectric Whip and Magic Missiles IconMagic MissilesRotG will keep you above their attacks, keeping you safe.


They will guard large yellow doors, usually 2 per biome. The first door will give the player a choice between 3 legendary weapons, independent of the Legendary Altar spawn rate. The second door will either give you a lore room or a treasure chest inside. These rooms also contain various gemstones and piles of treasure.


  • There is currently a bug where using the Blueprint Extractor IconBlueprint Extractor on a Stone Warden will prevent the game from registering its death, while also locking the player from entering the area it is guarding.
  • Referred to as "AxeStatue" in the code.


  • 2.2: Introduced.

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