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  • Reason: Needs to list and detail all the gameplay additions and mechanics streaming mode adds to runs

Streamer Mode is a special mode that uses Twitch streaming integration, which lets viewers of a stream interact with the streamer’s runs in a variety of ways.

  • This includes, but is not limited to, choosing special gameplay modifiers for the next biome, assisting (or inconveniencing) the streamer through the use of Captain Chicken, helping the streamer open Twitch Chests, and deciding what stat to upgrade when obtaining certain scrolls.
    • All of these things can be turned on or off to fit your preferences.

Note that this mode is only available on the PC versions of the game.

Captain Chicken[]

Capt Chicken

@m0neyp as Captain Chicken

Captain Chicken is an avatar which follows the streamer around and doesn't do much by itself. Viewers watching a stream and participating in the chat can become Captain Chicken by typing "pickme".

Individuals in control of Captain Chicken can choose to forcefully use a charge of the streamer's flask, even without their direct consent. Sending a message beginning with "@<streamer name>" in the streamer's chat allow the viewer to directly talk to the streamer, using a textbox that floats above the chicken.

Community Chests[]

Community Chests are special chests that spawn multiple zombies nearby and their contents can only be accessed by destroying the chest. Viewers can also help to destroy the chest by sending relevant messages in the streamer’s chat. They give gear with the same level as those found in normal chests in the biome they occupy.

Community Codex[]

Scrolls that are unique to Streamer Mode can occasionally be found in Biomes. They will let the viewers of a stream decide what stat will be increased. Note that normal scrolls can still be found when this option is enabled.

Name Icon Effect Sources

Gameplay Modifiers[]

Gameplay Modifiers are special changes to the game that occur in biomes after the Prisoners' Quarters. When entering a transition area, viewers of a stream will be able to vote for what they want the modifier for the next biome to be if the setting is enabled.

Below is a list of all modifiers that can be found in Streamer Mode:

Name Effect Notes
Chickenthor Makes Captain Chicken automatically attack nearby enemies with lightning bolts.
Darkness The Darkness that is normally only found within the Forgotten Sepulcher will now appear in the next biome.
The Cherry on the Cake Enemies drop a bomb when they die.
Jump The player gains an additional 4 jumps in the air.
Trapped Doors Wooden doors drop a bomb when destroyed which have a large explosion radius.
Bloodlust The player will constantly lose small amounts of health when this modifier is chosen. Killing enemies restores health and stops the health loss for a short time.
Venomous all enemy attacks will poison the player if this modifier is selected.
Smoke Smoke covers some of the next biome, making enemies invisible, similarly to the fog created by Maskers.

Boss Control[]

Viewers can summon enemies such as zombies and skills for the boss such as grenades.

Other Mechanics[]

Level Suggestions[]

Viewers can vote for the next Biome the streamer will visit. However, the streamer can simply ignore this vote and choose a different biome instead.

Secret Spotting[]

Viewers can make small call-outs appear on the screen of the streamer when there is a nearby secret, such as a Challenge Rift or a wall rune. However, these do not reveal the exact location of the secret, which must be left to the streamer to discover.


When the streamer dies or defeats a boss, viewers may send a message in the streamer's chat that appears on screen. This comes in the form of congratulations when defeating a boss, or taunting when the streamer dies.


  • The Use the new vote system option in the Streamer Mode settings does not work properly at all and should be avoided.

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