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To all iOS and Android players. Please note that the information provided in this wiki will not be 100% accurate to your version of the game. The wiki is on-par with v2.3, while the mobile version is identical to v1.7.


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Swarm is a grenade skill which summons friendly pink biter worms to attack enemies.


  • Special Effects:
    • Throws an arcing projectile which explodes on contact with an enemy or a horizontal surface.
      • The projectile will bounce off of a Shieldbearer's shield without detonating.
    • Upon explosion, eight pink biters appear.
      • Biters target the nearest visible enemy on the same surface as them.
      • Biters use a bite attack 2 times a second which deals 8 base damage.
        • If this skill has an affix that grants any on-hit effect each biter's attacks will stack them to high levels, if given some time.
      • Biters can be killed if they take enough damage, though some enemies are unable to detect them due to their small size.
        • This includes environmental sources such as spikes, though they are immune to some other damage sources.
      • Each biter has a 30-second duration and will despawn after that. A maximum of 8 biters can exist at any given time and if any more spawn during this period the oldest spawned ones will vanish.
      • They may teleport to the player if they get too far.
  • Attack Duration: 0.4 seconds
  • Charge: 0.1
  • Lock: 0
  • Cooldown: 0.3
  • Tags: Deployable, DisableVerboseAmmo, NoCooldownReadySfx, ShortCooldown
  • Legendary Version: Contamination
  • Forced Affix: Poison on Hit
  • "Poison the victim."


  • The biter limit appears to stack with other source of generation, such as:
    • Parrying the ranged attack of the Purulent Zombie
    • Killing an enemy with an item that has the "Death Worm" modifier.


  • In earlier versions of the game biters would attack golden doors which resulted in the player getting cursed.
  • Before v2.1, Swarm scaled with Survival and Brutality, spawned 4 biters instead of 8, and had a cooldown of 0.5 seconds instead of 10.
    • The pre v2.1 Swarm had the shortest cooldown of all skills.


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