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The Swift Sword is a sword-type weapon which deals critical hits against enemies while the player has increased movement speed.


  • Special Effects:
    • Deals ~1.5x damage (208 base critical DPS) if the player has a movement-speed buff (most reliably gained by killing several enemies within a small time period).
    • Breach Bonus: 0.25 / 0.25 / 0.25
      • Base Breach Damage: 56.25 / 62.5 / 87.5 (78.75 / 93.75 / 140)
      • Base Breach DPS: 172 (260)
    • Combo Duration: 1.2 seconds
      • First Hit: 0.35 (0.25 + 0.1)
      • Second Hit: 0.3 (0.2 + 0.1)
      • Third Hit: 0.55 (0.35 + 0.2)
      • Tags: InstantBlueprint, UnlockInPublicEvent
      • Legendary Version: Celerity
      • Forced Affix: Full Life Damage
        • "+50% damage when your health is at its maximum."


    • Due to its nature of dealing critical hits when under the effect of a movement-speed buff, the Affix "Increases your movement speed after the death of an enemy for 5 seconds" synergises quite well with Swift Sword, as it will require the death of a single enemy to substantially increase its effectiveness.
    • The mutation Frenzy Mutation Icon.png Frenzy works well in tandem with the Swift Sword as both the critical and health leech will be active upon acquiring a movement-speed buff, enabling one to heal a significant amount of health while also dealing critical hits.
    • The Velocity Mutation Icon.png Velocity mutation makes the critical hit time window three times larger.
      • Note, however, that this mutation only increases the duration of the standard multi-kill speed boost; it does not affect other speed boost effects, such as from weapon affixes.
    • The Masochist Mutation Icon.png Masochist mutation grants a movement speed increase upon receiving trap damage, and caps the trap damage at 10% of the player's max HP. This is highly effective against bosses such as the Giant and the Hand of the King, which have traps within their arenas.


    • 0.3: Introduced.
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