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Telluric Shock is a power skill which launches the player up and in the direction of his movement and then promptly dives towards the ground, triggering a wave of stone spikes on impact in a way that mimics the same attack by the Hand of the King.


  • Special Effects:
    • Using the skill makes the player jump into the air, and then smash the ground, releasing a wave of spikes at the point of impact, traveling through the ground outward from the player, dealing 150 base damage to the enemies it hits.
    • The spikes will travel over the course of 0.3 seconds.
    • Using it while standing still will simply make the player jump in place, but using it while moving will cause a jump in the direction of movement. It functions in a similar way in the air, but will only cause the downward smash, without the jump.
  • Tags: MoveHero, InstantBlueprint


  • This Skill mimics the Hand of the King's ground slam attack.
  • The player is invincible during the jump, allowing you to dodge attacks.
  • The ground slam performed during the execution of the skill performs a Dive Attack in addition to creating the spike shockwave and as such:
    • Deals the corresponding damage during the dive on contact with enemies as well as the area of effect damage on impact.
    • Benefits from the amulet downward smash modifiers.
    • Is able to break fragile ground with the Ram Rune Icon.png Ram Rune absorbed.
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