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Template:Nl (shorts for Navboxlink) is used to generate links with icons inside the navboxes.


The first unnamed parameter determines the link and the icon's names.


Rendered: Shieldbearer.pngShieldbearer

The second unnamed parameter determines the icon's name if the icon with the same name as the link doesn't exist.

{{nl|Cursed Sword|Cursed Sword Icon}}

Rendered: Cursed Sword Icon.pngCursed Sword

The third unnamed parameter determines the name of the second icon (if there is any).

{{nl|Heavy Crossbow|Heavy Crossbow Icon|Reload Icon}}

Rendered: Heavy Crossbow Icon.pngReload Icon.pngHeavy Crossbow

The parameter "title" is the displayed text of the link.


Rendered: Zombie.pngJuan.

The parameter "size" is the size of the icons. Default is 20x20px.

{{nl|Zombie}} and {{nl|Zombie|size=60x60px}}

Rendered: Zombie.pngZombie and Zombie.pngZombie