To all iOS and Android players. Please note that the information provided in this wiki will not be 100% accurate to your version of the game. The wiki is on-par with v2.3, while the mobile version is identical to v1.7.



Write the name of the destination rune as such:

Markup Renders as
Requires {{Rune|vine}}.

Requires {{Rune|vine|1}}.

Also requires {{Rune|tele}}.

Also requires {{Rune|tele|1}}.
Requires Vine Rune Icon.png.

Requires Vine Rune Icon.png Vine Rune.

Also requires Teleportation Rune Icon.png.

Also requires Teleportation Rune Icon.png Teleportation Rune.

Valid values

| vin
| vine
| cha
| challenge
| tel
| tele
| teleport
| teleportation
| ram
| spi
| spider
| hom
| homunculus
| cus
| custom
| exp
| explorer
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